10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)

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10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)


Free Time

Indie pop

You’re sick of the term super group. We’re sick of it too. Everyone’s sick of it. Stop using. Anyway, Free Time aren’t a super group, but the band does consist of members from a variety of established acts (Twerps, The Great Outdoors, Terrible Truth). If you’re familiar with these bands, then Free Time will offer you a gentle, familiar caress. Controlling the action (effectively distributing that caress) is songwriter Dion Nania. Dion isn’t disinterested, but he’s not going to start yelling at you either.

Thursday June 2 – The Bird, Perth WA




Power pop

Some more buzzing garage pop out of Brisbane, eh? Brisbane is a town of many garages and many guitar players. What’s the deal with Beneb then? Nothing fancy, just a sultry presence and grooves to kill by. Like, to have on while committing murder. Should we not make jokes about murder? Your call.

Thursday June 2 – The Foundry, Brisbane QLD





Self Talk is the name of Olympia’s debut LP. It’s a pretty good name, a subtle nod to the expression ‘self-titled’. Why aren’t more self-titled releases referred to as untitled? This is self talk. Stuff I probably didn’t need to write down. Anyway, Olympia’s self talk is far more captivating. Elegant melodies, literature-influenced lyrics, slashing guitars and twinkle in the eye synthesizers.

Friday June 3 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD





Silentjay’s new EP, made alongside Jace XL, is called Sacrifice. For its release the duo hooked up with Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section INTL label. Based out of London, it’s a label with love of music at its heart, particularly music that makes you dance. Sacrifice is a work of love, and sensual bedroom producer R&B grooves. For this show Silentjay will be back by a seven piece band.

Friday June 3 – John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne VIC



Hip hop

Joelistics is touring with The Smith Street Band. But he makes hip hop and they make emo punk. How can they be sharing the same stage? Heaven and earth what calamity could strike. But it’s all music, innit, and Joelistics has as much punk spirit as SSB invoke street poetry. With TZU he’s contributed to some of this country’s best hip hop. With his solo work, he continues that legacy.

Friday June 3 –The Metro, Sydney NSW





This shit is friggin’ filthy. Goodness me, why’d you leave the back door open? The dog was running around in the wet grass. Now there’s soggy paw prints all over the carpet. Good one dickhead. Whipper (not whippet) are the housemate that left a mess and then got angry at you about it. But while they mightn’t be great house mates, they can provide relief from your own troublesome roomy, if you need it.

Saturday June 4 – Shadow Electric Bandroom, Melbourne VIC


Vulture Street Tape Gang


Vulture Street is the name of a Powderfinger album. When it came out they made a big fuss about how they’d gone back to their roots, rockin’ out for real. It sounded very calculated and not especially hard-edged. We’ve no interest in revisiting it, but it probably hasn’t aged well. Anyway, lay off Powderfinger, would ya? Vulture Street Tape Gang are redeeming the name of the Brisbane street by engaging in entirely non-calculated, roll with the flow of impulse beats and hip hop jams.

Saturday June 4 – John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne VIC



Mere Women

Post punk

There’s been a lot of songs called ‘Numb’. Portishead had a particularly good one. The kind of song that leapt out from the walls, ushering you into a secret world. Linkin Park had a pretty shit one. A song that made you wish there were walls between you and the speaker system. Mere Women’s song ‘Numb’ is much more akin to the former example. The Sydney band have hit their stride, making post-punk that’s fighting against the darkness, not wanting to stay in a cave.

Saturday June 4 – Metro, Adelaide SA




Emo punk

Sydney duo Hannahband make rather pissed off, but also quite thoughtful emo punk. The vocals are shared, with Nathan Martin sounding like he was born with a wheat biscuit lodged in his larynx, and Marnie Vaughn screaming as though that’s the only way you’ll get anyone to listen.

Saturday June 4 – Blackwire Records, Sydney NSW



Alex Gow & Dan Kelly

Indie rock

Alex Gow plays in Oh Mercy. Dan Kelly plays as Dan Kelly (formerly with the Alpha Males, now the Dream Band). They’re playing songs together and apart in this twin-headline show. Dan Kelly makes music that’ll get you to laugh, but also illuminates gaping hypocrisy. Oh Mercy’s latest album is weepy as all shit, but also very melodic. Together they will make you smile. Maybe cry.

Sunday June 5 – Darwin Railway Club, Darwin NT