Dixon Pro Hardware

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Dixon Pro Hardware



Big rubber feet and tough tubing were my first impressions. The kind that you expect from $$ big name brands so that gave me a positive vibe instantly. Thick double bracing for the base gives you plenty of stability yet they move smoothly when setup/ packed down. There are memory locks on the boom arm and both upper and lower tubes with the slightly recessed/shaped keys giving you plenty of purchase when tightening and loosening the stand. Two other aspects I loved were the tilt on the head of the boom with its DW like big key that is easy to adjust, locks tightly and allows plenty of swivel for really nailing the right angle.



Also coming from the K series of hardware the PSS-K900 snare stand looks and feels tough. Those same big rubber feet and double braced legs give you plenty of stability and a balanced feel. Build wise it’s a strong typical snare stand that’s easily adjusted but sits in place nicely when you’re satis ed with your placement. Dixon have incorporated their patented ball joint design into the cradle which offers the setup exibility and angles of a typical ball joint but sits more securely and locks tightly meaning your snare won’t bounce around during a gig.



Hi hat stands are covered too with a number of models that should more than do the trick. The PSH-K900 features a ‘drawbridge’ design plate that feels tough and supported. Whilst it does look a little hi-tech it folds away cleanly and once you get it sorted you’re in action instantly. Whilst truckloads of gigs is the real test of drum hardware the initial impressions are very good with some little designs that make things easy and quick. Forget your old ideas about Dixon drums and give this new hardware a go!