Dixon PSN-K902 Pro Drum Throne

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Dixon PSN-K902 Pro Drum Throne


Throne home

The PSN-K902 throne is another such item with thick double braced legs, threaded shaft and a tough and secure clamp that firmly holds the shaft in place. A vinyl type ‘cordovan’ material is used for the seat which is comfortable and supported with some ergonomic shaping for the legs and thighs.  A ‘cycle’ type seat this is shaped moreso than a typical round stool and gives some extra balance and size but also lets your legs hang freely with the back of your thighs sitting pretty.


Dixon are also pretty proud of their patented ‘open style clamp’ which adds some extra surface to the connection to the upper tubing. The result is a firm grip that adds strength and ease to the stool. So comfort, strength and feel are all covered – did I also mention that you’ll love the price? Coming into the competitive and more than manageable bracket it’ll leave you more $ for other cool drum gear – ace!


It’s stool rock and roll to me….

Kits are ogled over and fantasized about for weeks on end. Cymbals are constantly tested and swapped in that pursuit of crashy happiness yet hardware and stool sin particular seem to get little consideration in contrast. Whilst they probably won’t make a lot of difference to your sound they will make a huge difference to your overall comfort and feel. This in turn should hopefully make you play better and feel more comfortable. Plus, a stool is typically an item you’ll only buy once or twice so why not make it something that you like, is tough and helps rather than hinder.