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WD10A Angle WIDE.jpg

Low Profile

There are many powered boxes out there designed as a front of house speaker that offer an angled side panel to allow them to be tilted back for use as a monitor speaker. But, when all is said and done, their main purpose is not to be operated on the floor and so they just don’t do the job right. This is where the Proel WD10A steps in. This is a speaker designed with the reverse thinking. Its primary function is as a floor monitor speaker, but it still includes a pole mount option so you can actually use it as a front of house speaker for a smaller system should you wish. Because the primary design is for use as a floor monitor, it sits down with a low profile to keep out of sight as best as possible. At the same time, it delivers its audio up at such an angle that you can stand right over it and still comfortably here it, without the need to stand back, like many other speakers require.

In The Rounds

Where the WD10A differs from alot of other stage monitors is inits coaxial speaker design. With both the high and low frequency drivers built within one another, this monitor delivers a fast transient response and a spectacular wave alignment that means you get a clear picture of what you are hearing up close and at about any angle.Designed to deliver high sound pressure levels, the WD10A really revels at high volumes and doesn’t sound like it is fatiguing when pushed. And this is just what you should be looking for in a monitor speaker. You don’t need a massive speaker that delivers loads of bass, because this will more than likely just cause unwanted feedback.Clarity and volume are essential in a monitor speaker and that is what Proel have set out to deliver with the WD10A.