JBL EON206P Portable PA System

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JBL EON206P Portable PA System

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Many portable PA manufacturers have a few design issues to overcome and this isn’t only something JBL has had to consider when upgrading. Firstly, if a portable PA is too heavy, it simply isn’t really that portable. No one wants to carry a boat anchor and be told that it’s easy. I’m pleased to say that the EON206P does not fall into this class of PA, and is extremely lightweight for its size and power. Secondly, many portable PAs actually fail in being easily transported with multiple boxes, stands and cables defeating the actual purpose of the unit. In this case, the EON206P is built into three components including the powered mixer and two speakers with the conveniently located connection latches locking together to form one unit, similar in size to a large suitcase. This means you can walk into a venue with your guitar case in one hand and your PA system in the other.



For those of you who have heard or used previous compact systems from JBL, you will be well aware of their capabilities. The EON206P has new drivers that deliver plenty of volume and a generous amount of low end for their size. If you need even more grunt, there is a separate monitor output on the rear panel of the mixer with a dedicated volume control, so you can send the mix to a sub, the venue’s in-house system or just add an additional powered speaker. In all, you get volume without weight due to the Class D power amplifier stage that delivers a clear and crisp sound. It’s ideal for acoustic solo or duo acts using guitars and vocals in smaller venues, and would work great for a compact vocal solution for bands looking at their own rehearsal space.