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A portable PA system often ends up being utilised in a variety of spaces and rooms, meaning the placement of the speakers can often differ greatly and deliver mixed results. Bose have given the versatility of a modern line array rig to the flexibility of a portable PA setup. The F1 system is comprised of two elements, the F1 816 Flexible Array Speaker and the F1 Subwoofer. The two, mounting atop of each other with a pair of joining arms brings the system in line. The subwoofer houses two 10-inch drivers that deliver a punchy, powerful bottom end. Being smaller drivers, they have a very fast transient attack and produce a sharper sound than that of a large bass speaker. To those with any concerns about the bottom end, I can assure you that they have plenty of dirty, nasty low frequency response, delivered with a powerful force and punchy tone. Housed in the subwoofer is a splitter for you to allow for pass-through, so adding more of the same is a breeze. The crossover is actually located in the top boxes, somewhat unconventionally, but with good reason, as these become your master unit and can be operated as a full range unit on their own.


The magic all happens in the top speaker array, the F1 812 module. This features 8 drivers, mounted in a vertical design. The central two drivers are fixed, pointing straight out from the box. However, the upper three and lower three drives can be tilted either down or up respectively to suit the environment. When the array is set up at head height for a room of standing people, it can be left with all speakers flat. If it were on a raised stage, with an audience below the “J” position sees the lower three drivers angled down to reach the audience in the front. For an audience on raised seating above the stage, a “Reverse J” position is employed, with the lower speakers set flat and the upper three pointing upwards. In an auditorium where the audience starts below the stage but work up in height as the room goes back, a “C” shape can see the sound sent both up and down, with the centre speakers still fi ring flat. Ultimately, these speakers will absolutely tear the room up. My neighbours hated my evening demos of these at home, so I am sure your audience will love them.