Review: beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R Gaming Headphones & FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone

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Review: beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R Gaming Headphones & FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone

Synchronised Technology | | Expect to pay: $549

The podcasting and live streaming booms are rapidly introducing swathes of fresh faces to the possibility of their very own audio setup. The increasing ease and accessibility of broadcasting from home has not gone unnoticed by hobbyists and emerging enthusiasts, with many now seeking quality equipment that won’t break the bank for passion projects of their own. For those new to the scene who wish to jump straight into the fray, the prestigious beyerdynamic are offering an attractively uncomplicated option with their Team Tygr condenser mic and headphone package.

A stylish and comfortable pack with no pretention about what it offers, beyerdynamic have catered toward a gamer’s demands effectively, affording a hassle-free ‘plug-and-play’ setup for PCs, consoles and mobile devices at a very reasonable price.

The FOX microphone is strong, sturdy and cleanly designed, featuring a monitor mix dial, volume control, headphone input and a mute button. The gain switch on the back will also flip between a binary of low and high gain sensitivity. If you’re using the mic for its intended purpose – namely, streaming or recording in a room of your house – you’ll realistically only ever need to use the low gain option in the moment, but it’s handy for testing purposes and experimentation. Connection to smartphones is also possible with an additional OTG adapter, but this is not included in the base pack.

These well-picked features offer a tangible sense of physical control, without plunging you into an overwhelming setup. This medium ground between minimalist and technical could frustrate those who want an even greater complexity, but it does what it intends to so well that most won’t mind. The FOX comes complete with various goodies, including a pop shield, deskstand with a 3/8″ threaded ring mount and a 5/8″ to 3/8″ thread adapter to accommodate for larger stands. From the box to the desk, the entire setup process takes five minutes to get together; plug it into your computer with the USB-C cable and it’s good to go.

With a maximum 96 kHz / 24 bit resolution and frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz, the FOX delivers crystal clarity on vocals. The bass is prominent and warm, but never overblown, adding just the right amount of richness and character. The zero-latency monitoring works without a hitch, with no isntances of audio lag to report at all. You’d really have to actively mess with both your setup and manner to get anything resembling an unpleasant sound at all – which, traditionally, is a good sign of quality workmanship.

The Tygr 300 R headphones, similarly, strike a wonderful balance between durability and gentle comfort. The headband can be easily removed and replaced, if needed, but remains perfectly supportive and sound. Similarly, the plush padding on the earcups is soft but firm, adding a cushioned comfort to the overall structure. The Tygr 300 R comes complete with a 6.35mm jack adapter – if you’re looking to expand your audio options in the future – and a handy pouch for protection, which is nice, though it honestly feels solid enough to survive many years on a desk or shelf by itself. It may not offer a thousand bells and whistles like certain other brands, but it’s definitely built to last.

It’s evident that beyerdynamic have built Team Tygr with a precise plan: to guide newcomers into recording and streaming in a way that will not interfere with the excitement of the project itself. The company have successfully maximised the quality of their equipment for the price given with an overall design that feels clean and intuitive. Team Tygr is an inspired exercise in balance that many could learn from.