Review: Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS In-Ear Headphones

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Review: Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS In-Ear Headphones

AT ATH headphones Main.jpg

Audio-Technica Australia | | Expect To Pay: $129

The first concern many may have when considering the ATH-LS50is earphones is that they do appear to be somewhat bulky, however they actually weigh very little and sit within the ear without any noticeable exposure.

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The important thing to take into account is getting the right fit with the included selection of rubber cups in a range of sizes. When you find ones that snuggly hold within your ears without exerting pressure, you barely notice you’re wearing them. With the short cable that is included, it’s ideal for connecting to a phone or music device in your pocket or backpack without too much excess cable.

A good fit will result in a great sound with plenty of bottom end and an impressive detail in the lower mid-frequencies too. The higher frequencies don’t have that harsh tinny quality that plagues lower quality in-ears, so you don’t end up with a painful ringing in your ears after a short while of listening.

Overall it’s a nicely rounded soundstage, and the volume achievable without noticeable distortion from the dual driver system was very good. Additionally these are equipped with a microphone fitted to the cable and a TRS connection for use with smartphones; a fairly standard but still appreciated feature. As a music playing tool aimed at everyday use, these certainly do the trick with plenty of clarity and power.