Review: Jupiter JAS500A Alto Saxophone

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Review: Jupiter JAS500A Alto Saxophone

Words by Will Brewster

Distributed by: Musical Merchandisers | Expect to pay: $1,599

Key Features: For years, Jupiter have been a mainstay in the beginner brass and wind market – there’s a good chance that some of the biggest players in the country busted their chops on Jupiter instruments as they honed their skills, and their prevalence in the Australian schooling system speaks volumes. If there’s any single instrument in their range that proves this, it’s the JAS500A: a beautiful alto saxophone built to suit the needs of any beginner player. 

Constructed with a yellow brass body and coated in a gold epoxy lacquer finish to help protect against any wear and tear, the craftsmanship of the JAS500A is truly something to behold. It’s an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing instrument that looks twice the value of its list price, and the staggering array of features included here provide students with exceptional value for money. 

The lacquered brass neck and body of the JAS500A is complemented by a set of gold-lacquered brass keys with steel springs for a responsive playing action, while three point bell-to-body bracing ensures the structure of the saxophone is safe and sound. An inserted octave key and articulated G# key with tilting Bb rocker arm makes playing simple in both high and low registers, and there’s even a high F# key – a feature seldom seen on student saxophones – expanding the sonic range of the instrument even further. 

Elsewhere, the Jupiter JAS500A Alto Saxophone features plastic tone boosters to increase the brightness of your sound, while a waterproof pad guarantees that air will be effectively sealed within the horn for a superior tone. If that’s not enough to seal the deal, the JAS500A also comes with a stackable, lightweight case to protect it against inevitable knocks and bumps when you’re carting it between rehearsals, while a limited five year manufacturer’s warranty helps to put the icing on the cake of this sensational student saxophone. 

Mixdown Says: While there’s a number of great classical alto saxophonists, it’s with genres like cool jazz, swing, big band and bebop where the unique sound of the alto is most prevalent. Whether you’re tearing your way through a Beethoven piece or working to transcribe a tricky Bird lick, the Jupiter JAS500A will help you navigate both jazz and classical styles with ease. 

The unlikely addition of a high F# key makes the JAS500A a suitable beginner model for shredding through extended scales and busting out modal licks, and should prove to be a killer gateway into the wonderful world of saxophone for any keen student.

Overall: An easy choice for any beginner saxophonist. The smooth, balanced sound and simplicity of the JAS500A means that new players will be able to achieve clean notes without strenuous effort, and the well-placed keys and ergonomic design of the saxophone ensures for a comfortable playing experience for students of all ages.

Head to Music Merchandisers for more details on the JAS500A today.