Review: Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

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Review: Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

Words by Christopher Hockey

Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar | ZIVIX | Enquire for pricing

The realm of MIDI instrumentation has undergone remarkable advancements in recent years, and included amongst those was the incredibly innovative Zivix Jamstik MIDI Guitar. 

Merging the charm of traditional guitars with modern digital controllers, the Jamstik offered an innovative solution for musicians who wanted the feeling of a traditional, albeit modern looking guitar in their hands with all the power of MIDI at their disposal. Now, the Jamstik itself has undergone an incredible advancement in the form of the new ‘Jamstik Classic’, a new design that takes inspiration from the past whilst moving firmly into the future. 

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Jamstik Classic

Featuring a familiar ‘S Style’ body shape rather than the more modern look of its previous iteration, The Jamstik Classic boasts an elegant design that effortlessly blends tradition and innovation. Unlike its predecessor, the body is full-sized rather than scaled down, which adds an element of familiarity and comfort for traditional guitarists transitioning into the digital realm. Featuring the ergonomic cutaways one would expect from this body style, the Jamstik Classic provides a familiar playing experience for players who prefer a sleek, vintage aesthetic. 

The comfortable roasted-maple neck features a traditional headstock for easier tuning, a welcome addition for those who find headless guitars a little unbalanced. Including a familiar bolt-on design, 22 frets, a 25.5 inch scale length and a nut-width of 42mm, fans of S-Style guitars will feel right at home on this instrument despite its immensely powerful digital capabilities. 

Jamstik Classic 2

The first standout feature of the Jamstik Classic is its incredibly organic and touch-sensitive feel. Without doubt the most tactile and functional MIDI guitar experience on the market, the Jamstik replicates the touch sensitivity of a traditional guitar with great success, making its endless sonic possibilities all the more enthralling.


Having the familiar touch sensitivity of a real guitar in your hands whilst creating a myriad of every kind of sound imaginable is a surreal and powerful musical experience. Moving through synth sounds, orchestras and even percussion on a set of six strings is something that could even be disconcerting if Zivix hadn’t done such a great job of anchoring those it all in such a familiar physicality. 

Another standout feature of the Jamstik Classic lies in its impeccable connectivity to various devices, thanks to its MIDI compatibility and Bluetooth capabilities. Establishing a connection between the Jamstik Classic and smartphones, tablets, and computers is incredibly seamless, and the accompanying Jamstik app offers a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. This compatibility expands creative horizons for music creation and collaboration, as it integrates seamlessly with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and virtual instruments. 

The Jamstik Classic is also the first ‘MPE’ compatible guitar controller on the market. Described as the biggest change in electronic sound since the invention of the synthesiser, MPE, standing for Midi Polyphonic Expression, allows digital instruments to behave more like their acoustic counterparts in terms of spontaneous, polyphonic sound control. This allows players to modulate parameters like timbre, pitch, and amplitude simultaneously for the first time on a digital instrument. 

In other words, MPE is an extension of the established MIDI protocol that sends and receives additional control messages along with each note, adding multiple dimensions of expression along with the note’s basic pitch. The future is now! 


The Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar’s fretboard uses pitch recognition and proprietary algorithms that very accurately detect notes, strumming and velocity, converting it into MIDI data. This innovation makes it an invaluable tool for both guitarists looking to explore new creative avenues and beginners eager to embark their first musical journey. 

Featuring a HSS pickup configuration, the Jamstik Classic not only improves upon its predecessor’s MIDI technology but brings something else quite magical to the table. Its full size and traditional design makes this model an instrument that demands to be taken on stage. A perfectly viable live instrument, this guitar is perhaps the first instance of a tool that successfully combines a seamless, latency-free MIDI experience with the attitude and old school charm of a classic guitar. 

While also operating as a standard electric via a 1/4″ input, the MIDI capabilities of the Jamstik enables users to access an almost infinite range of virtual instruments, synthesisers, and digital soundscapes, making it an exciting experience for guitarists and producers of all stripes looking to expand their horizons. The MIDI data captured by the Jamstik maintains an unparalleled level of accuracy, preserving the player’s performance dynamics and nuances. 

The Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar is much more than a device for recreating guitar sounds; it serves as a gateway to boundless sonic creativity. Its versatility and adaptability to various musical contexts makes it one of the most exciting innovations in the world of guitars for a long time. Whether you’re composing, recording, producing, or performing live, the Jamstik Classic seamlessly integrates into your MIDI workflow. Zivix’s forward-thinking approach to merging traditional guitar playing and design with contemporary digital interfaces reflects their commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical technology and speaks well of their future as a company. 

As digital technology continues to shape the landscape of music creation, the Zivix Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar emerges as a pioneer. Its ability to effortlessly blend the tactile experience of a guitar with the limitless potential of MIDI opens doors to uncharted musical territory for veterans and beginners alike, offering an experience that harmoniously marries tradition and innovation.

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