Review: Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

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Review: Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

Gretsch G2622T
Words by Christopher Hockey

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Center Block Double-Cut with Bigsby | Fender Music Australia | RRP $1049

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

When I think of Gretsch guitars, I think of style, and the Gretsch G2622T exudes this. I think of the big hollow body shapes, the gleaming finishes, the chunky ornate hardware; all stunning hallmarks of a completely unique aesthetic. Whilst certainly associated with the 1950s Rockabilly era, Grestch guitars remain effortlessly timeless, as bold and eye-catching today as they were at their inception. 

What is also timeless is the honesty of their sound. No other electric guitar can match the clarity and articulation of a Gretsch. Their famously crisp top end and raw, open tone leaves players nowhere to hide, accentuating the unique idiosyncrasies of each individual’s playing. From Chet Atkins to Malcolm Young to Brian Setzer, some of the most brilliant guitarists in history have favoured Gretsch guitars for that very honesty, as well as for their stunning looks and smooth playability. Now, for an incredibly reasonable price, you too can tap into that same boldness. 

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Bigsby tremolo and vibrato

The Streamliner series bundles all of that heritage, style and sound into an ultra-accessible package, providing all the distinct qualities of a Gretsch at the brand’s lowest ever price point. A notable star amongst this delectable lineup is the G2622T, a double-cut, semi-hollow body instrument constructed with a centre block and loaded with a Bigsby vibrato arm. 

Featuring all the bells and whistles one associates with Gretsch, the G2622T is a fine example of what makes the brand so special. The rich metallic ‘Dark Denim’ finish is smooth and classy, accentuated by a tortoise-shell pickguard and aged white binding. The back and sides of the guitar are finished in seductive cherry red, complimenting the main colour of the guitar perfectly. The gleaming nickel hardware on the G2622T really stands out on the Dark Denim finish; the anchored bridge, Bigsby vibrato and covered humbucking pickups are all classic components of Gretsch’s iconic style. 

Gretsch G2622T Bigsby

The G2622T is one of those guitars that I really struggle to put down. Incredibly fun to play, the neck is super comfortable and really lends itself to the speedy licks and jazzy chord voicings one associates with the Gretsch players of yesteryear. Constructed from Nato, also known as Eastern Mahogany, the neck features a soft C shape that sits perfectly in the hand and has a 24.75” scale length. 

Semi-hollow electric guitar

The smooth Laurel fingerboard features Gretsch’s eternally cool pearloid thumbnail inlays, completing the guitar’s classic look. With a 12” radius, a 1.6785” nut width and 22 medium jumbo frets, everything feels very balanced. One can’t help but zip up and down the fretboard with joyous, buttery ease, completely unhindered by the neck’s velvety gloss finish. The generous double cutaway on this guitar allows for excellent upper-fret access, meaning despite the instrument’s large semi-hollow body, it doesn’t skimp on playability higher up on the neck.

The arched semi-hollow body is constructed with 5-ply laminated maple, providing a bright response and characterful, open tone. The beauty of the centre-block construction is that it exhibits all the warmth and airiness of a hollow body whilst almost completely eliminating the issue of unwanted feedback. The centre-block runs the full length of the body and is chambered for weight relief. This means the G2622T is almost as light as a fully hollow guitar but cuts down on the resonant-frequency feedback, making it much more usable for higher gain tones. 

Broad’Tron BT-3S pickups

This Streamliner is loaded with two Broad’Tron BT-3S pickups. Expertly combining both Alnico V and Alnico II magnets, these brand new p’ups exhibit a balanced frequency response and a notably boosted output. Also included with this guitar is the fine addition of a coil tap feature, wired in the form of a push/pull control on the instrument’s master volume. The addition of a coil-tap massively expands the guitar’s tonal repertoire, making it one of the most versatile models in the Gretsch catalogue. 

In the bridge position, the G2622T excels at the crispy, shimmering highs that Gretsch is known for. Perfect for crunchy rock and roll rhythm work or spanky country leads, this pickup cuts right through the mix with its searing crystalline tones. Featuring a generous midrange push and a tight, punchy low end, the bridge position can go from brazen rockabilly to subtle country in a split second thanks to a useful coil-tap feature. 

The neck pickup in this guitar is warm and jazzy, featuring smooth rolled off highs and a sweet, sultry midrange. Capable of gentle, jazzy cleans or fat chunky driven sounds, this pickup provides a sweet, vintage tone that really brings out the open quality of the semi-hollow body. When tapped, the neck pickup cuts down on its ample low end and becomes more delicate and, to coin the term, string-y, perfect for clean leads. 

In the middle position lies a myriad of hidden tones, thanks to a thoughtful control layout. The inclusion of two independent volume controls in addition to the guitar’s master volume means that in the middle position, players can blend the two pickups to their own liking. When combined with the coil-tap feature, this creates an endless amount of tonal variations to suit any song or situation. The G2622T also features a traditional master tone knob which provides a smooth, linear high-end roll-off, capping off its broad tonal versatility.

This guitar is an absolutely exceptional example of what makes “that great Gretsch sound!” The timeless style, the uniquely powerful sound and the smooth, snappy playability of the G2622T are quite remarkable given its price-tag. From its classy aged white binding to its thumbnail inlays, the Streamliner series spares none of the beautifully ornate details that have always made Gretsch guitars so striking. The inclusion of a Bigsby vibrato completes the instrument’s classic look, not to mention its utility as an excellent and versatile tonal device.

Effortlessly cool, amazingly comfortable and jaw droppingly affordable, this Streamliner is as seductive as any top of the line Gretsch and sounds every bit as good. If only I could manage to put this one down, I’d head out right now to buy one.

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