Review: beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset

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Review: beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset

beyerdynamic MMX 200
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

MMX 200 Wireless Gaming Headset | beyerdynamic Australia | RRP: $399

beyerdynamic are a huge player in the headphone game. An industry standard of sorts thanks to their DT990 and DT770 ranges of headphones, their aesthetic is synonymous with studios and music producers, while their MMX range are making huge moves into the gaming and content creation world. The new beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset build on the MMX 100 and MMX 150, featuring wireless connectivity, studio-grade playback and voice via the META VOICE microphone, with multiple Bluetooth modes for varying levels of immersion or awareness, all packaged into a uniquely comfortable and lightweight, tidy looking headphone. Content creation like streaming, video and social media are as much about the aesthetic as they are the sound, so the classy looks of the MMX 200 bolster the headphones. The MMX 200 bring together world-class components, design and innovation into an effortlessly simple headphone from a leader in design.

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The MMX 200 feature a 40mm driver system, specially optimised for gaming to not only add to the experience, but offer a competitive edge. Unparalleled spatial awareness and immersive localisation assist you in identifying and locating sound in a game, providing the user with a head start on sounds around them. Up to 35 hours battery life will have you immersed without worry of the battery running out – and if 35 hours isn’t enough, then that’s another conversation!
The META VOICE microphone offers a natural reproduction of the source, while also suppressing sounds like mouse clicks or keyboard clacks, allowing for a clearer listening experience to those listening to you. When not in use, the internal microphones built into the MMX 200 activate, allowing you to make calls or communicate if needed. The headphone feature a META LINK SWITCH to switch between Bluetooth mode, low latency mode and hybrid mode to ensure you’re monitoring without lag, as well as communicating clearly. Low Latency mode uses a USB dongle, connected to PC or other USB device to stream audio at pristine quality at high-speed. Hybrid mode allows for analogue connection and Bluetooth connection simultaneously, with signals mixed 50/50. Augmented mode shifts the operation of the MMX 200 to a more open-back feel, allowing you to hear the world around you without being totally blind to your environment. Bluetooth mode operates as expected when connecting with other bluetooth headsets or devices – handy!

Connectivity via both wireless and analogue makes the MMX 200 the perfect match for a multitude of systems from PC to console and beyond, while also having high-speed Bluetooth 5.3 for the cutting edge in streaming.
In use, the beyerdynamic MMX 200 headphones are comfy. It’s not that they’re explicitly like a pillow or cloud per se, but they feel secure, lightweight and easy to ignore. It’s the lack of hindrance that really makes for comfort with headphones, and the MMX 200’s design has it in spades. The ease of control within the Control Wheel make for an easy experience, offering volume control, mic mute and switching to Augmented Mode on the same wheel, rather than multiple switches and buttons for you to mash blindly while wearing the headphones. The single Control Wheel designs mean that once located, even while learning the headphones, they’re easy to adjust.
I found myself using Augmented mode for listening to music, and while the MMX 200 are designed with gaming in mind, they still offer a pleasant, powerful listening experience. Quickly switching to Low Latency Mode using the dongle, I was immersed immediately in sound. Music has a clear, balanced response, while video and film surrounded me, the localisation of the well-designed headphones really shining through.
The ease of use in the MMX 200 headphones is paramount, and beyerdynamic haven’t ignored an inch of it. The META VOICE microphone connects easily, and automatically, and the single wheel had me adjusting volume as well as muting myself if need be. The only other button on the unit, besides the power button, flips between Bluetooth, Low Latency and Hybrid Mode for multi use without ever removing the (very) comfy headphones.
The MMX 200 from beyerdynamic is the latest in their headphone range, shifting more to the gaming and content creation side of things, while serving the need for music listening with equal gusto. At their core, they’re a very comfy, well-designed headphone with basic, multi-function controls. Inside, they have a masterfully crafted a 40mm driver system for pristine audio and accurate localisation that provides a competitive edge to gaming, allowing you to scout, locate and forge ahead with enemies, teammates and tasks in your gaming. The additional META VOICE microphone makes for a great streaming solution, while the built-in microphones allow for high quality calling and other functions.
The MMX 200 are custom-built to serve a purpose and boy oh boy do they do it well. They’re a great quality headphone at their core but also purpose-driven design to make life, gaming, listening and creation easier.
For local enquiries visit beyerdynamic Australia.