Review: ADAM Audio T-Series T5V (Nearfield) Monitor

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Review: ADAM Audio T-Series T5V (Nearfield) Monitor

Words by John Tucker

Focusrite Australia | RRP: $299

ADAM Audio have been making studio monitors for a long time now, and the brand has always excelled at fast-transient response and attack times, as well as proven time and time again that they can accurately reproduce and represent the mix. The T-Series T5V (Nearfield) Monitors by ADAM Audio are no exception, despite their modest price tag.

The ADAM Audio T-series T5V is a powerful Nearfield Monitor packaged in a sleek, modern design. The monitor features a black matte finish, and a clean shape with smooth lines. The build quality is solid and feels robust, adding to the overall aesthetic of the product. The T5V is also compact, making it suitable for use in smaller studio spaces. The design of the T5V is functional and practical, ensuring that it will blend in well with a variety of studio setups.

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The ADAM Audio T-series T5V Nearfield Monitor has been built to very high standards of quality, and also, durability. It boasts an enclosure that is made of robust MDF and metal, and features a strong, solid construction. The speaker cones and surrounds are also built to withstand heavy use, with high-quality materials and tight tolerances that ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Well and truly professional grade quality on a consumer grade budget.

One of the best aspects of the T5V, is that it features advanced waveguide technology and a balanced frequency response, providing a clear and accurate representation of audio. This makes it excellent for use in music production, mixing and mastering, as sound is accurately reproduced with a switchable bass extension, thus the T5V is suitable for a range of environments despite its relatively small cone size. The T5V also features an optional room correction filter that allows you to tune the monitor to your specific room, ensuring that you hear an accurate representation of your mix in your studio.

It is worth noting however that the lower threshold for the range of the T5V is 46Hz, so some users may find that the monitors lack the deep bass response required for certain types of music or audio production. However, this is sort of to be expected with 5 inch Woofers.

Another consideration is that the advanced waveguide technology may require careful placement of the monitors in the room to ensure optimal sound quality. Some users may find this to be a challenge, especially if they are not experienced with speaker placement, or are operating out of a less than ideal space.

The woofer on the ADAM Audio T-series T5V is an excellent 5-inch diameter woofer, with a polypropylene cone. The materials are all high quality, ensuring a durable and long-lasting performance – the woofer is capable of handling up to 50W, allowing it to deliver clear and dynamic sound at high volumes, and the maximum SPL of 109dB allows for plenty of headroom to play with. Overall, the woofer on the ADAM Audio T-series T5V Nearfield Monitor provides tight and punchy bass response, with a wide frequency response and high SPL, making it an ideal choice for audio production.

The Tweeter on the ADAM Audio T-series T5V Nearfield Monitor is a new U-ART 1.9-inch Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter, a ‘breakthrough solution’ that allows high resolution recording and mixing on a budget. It reaches 25kHz and is mated to a precision waveguide that uses the same dispersion control attributes as the HPS (high frequency propagation) waveguide used in the flagship S Series Monitors by ADAM Audio. The tweeter hits a maximum SPL of 102dB which is well and truly enough headroom.

The two speakers are powered by a D-Class amplifier, which delivers 20W of power to the tweeter and 50W to the Woofer. This allows the delivery of high SPLs and the security of knowing that at listening levels, you are not flogging the drivers too hard.

Something worth noting is the fact that the T5V monitors are rear ported. This means that in the event that they are placed too close to a wall, you might be left with the illusion of exaggerated low end, known as a ‘False Bottom’. This can be countered by ensuring the speakers are placed more than 12 inches away from the wall, or it can be mitigated via EQ if this is not an option. 

The ADAM Audio T5V nearfield monitor is a high-quality, professional-grade studio monitor that offers a range of features and performance capabilities that make it a valuable asset to any audio production setup. Coupled with the fact that it is priced very reasonably at around the $600 mark for a pair – the ADAM Audio T-Series T5V is undoubtedly an excellent option for a budget recording studio setup.

In conclusion, the ADAM Audio T5V Nearfield Monitor is a well-designed and high-quality speaker system that will appeal to many audio engineers and producers. The monitor features a sleek, modern design and is built with high-quality materials. The T5V provides accurate sound reproduction, is versatile, and has a switchable bass extension. It may require careful room placement for optimal sound quality, but this is an easy fix. The woofer and tweeter both provide a tight and punchy bass, and crisp, clear high response, respectively. Overall, the T5V is a good investment for those who plan to use it frequently in a professional audio studio or in a prosumer space as well.

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