RME Fireface UFX+

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RME Fireface UFX+


RME have never been content with ‘just delivering’, they always strive to take their products to the next level, and deliver the results too. So with that said, I would like to introduce you all to the RME Fireface UFX+, the next level in MADI audio interfaces for Mac and PC users alike.



For those of your who have seen or used the original Fireface UFX, you will know just what it is capable of. Now, as a special 20th anniversary edition, RME have stepped it up with the release of the Fireface UFX+, which boasts an incredible 188 channels of 192KHz audio. This thing can really carry some juice and do it all with RME’s famous high quality conversion that doesn’t miss a beat. The use of the MADI (or Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) is what allows this high channel count. This gives the user up to 128 channels more than what the Fireface UFX offered, and goes a little way to explaining why the user manual runs up to 124 pages per language. This is serious audio interfacing and it is prepared for anything that may come with peripherals in the future. RME have included not only USB3 connectivity, but also Thunderbolt for the Mac crowd and that added piece of mind as this interface can now outlast several computer rebuilds into the future.



Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to set up a 94 channel recording session in the home studio; there wasn’t enough room to fit the string section into the room. But, I was able to listen to the physical inputs on the device, of which there is a good offering. They include twelve analogue inputs, four of which offer pristine microphone preamps, and eight analogue outputs, with a pair of headphone outputs as well. Two MIDI Ins and Outs allow connectivity from the front or rear of the device and there are a host of digital options including ADAT, AES and MADI all coming together to total 94 audio inputs and 94 audio outputs. Personally, I don’t know what I would do with them all, but you could sure get some microphones around a drum kit with one of these. For many of us, the included analogue inputs are going to be more than enough, but it is always nice to have the option to expand. For the small studio that envisages future growth, right up to the largest of enterprises, this is the audio interface that will see you through for years to come and allow expansion as needed. Not to mention, offering amazing audio conversion and perfect time along the way. RME have set the bar even higher with the Fireface UFX+.


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