DiGiGriD Desktop Series D Interface

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DiGiGriD Desktop Series D Interface



The Desktop Series from DiGiGrid is a very exciting range of interfaces that is going to get a few of you needing them right away. I had the DiGiGrid D in my possession this month, and I was quite happy with this as it is the more expansive model in the range and allowed me to best see what they are capable of. The smaller S, Q and M models allow for specific tasks in separate units, whilst the D is going to deliver the most benefit to many small studios with its extended array of inputs and controls. Where this device differs from so many others on the market is that it isn’t relying on USB or Thunderbolt to interface with your computer, but instead runs on an Ethernet connection and so allows for greater expansion possibilities. With the use of the DiGiGrid S you can run up to four of these devices. Because of the use of network cabling, you can have very long cable runs from your PC or Mac to your device, allow you to take it into different rooms of a studio, connect to the network and then run short cables from your instruments, microphones and headphones to your DiGiGrid D. If you fit out a multi-room facility with network cabling, it is very easy to turn any room into a recording space, whilst the computer stays put.


The DiGiGrid D offers four analogue inputs on the unit itself – two instrument and two microphone. There are two line outputs, two monitor outputs and a headphone output, all offering latency free monitoring up to 75 meters away from your machine. A very well-designed top panel makes adjusting your inputs a breeze and large headphone and monitor volume knobs give you great monitoring control. Mute, Dim and Mono functions are also available, because someone actually thought this one through before it was released, which is very nice to see. But of course, it isn’t just about the hardware and the exceptional audio quality it offers. Waves have taken the DiGiGrid devices to the next level as the partnership opens up the ability to take advantage of their extensive range of plug-ins to compliment your recording and really make it shine. This also means that, with the pristine audio playback that the DiGiGrid offers, you can set up a recording booth some distance from you main computer and hear the beauty of the Waves plug-ins. Nothing is lost in the audio transfer. You will hear the difference right away when switching over from other audio interfaces, and you’ll not be locked to one position, held back by the capabilities of your USB cable. Whether you need to record a couple of feet from your computer, or a couple of hundred feet away, the DiGiGrid will not compromise in quality, ever.