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M-Track Plus - Angle ONLINE[8x10].jpg


The M-Track Plus MKII is the result of years of development from M-Audio in the realm of audio interfaces. It sees the very popular M-Track series carry on with a few small changes to the previous design. To start with, the desktop style that was well received by some has been traded in for the more common front loaded format. This places all the inputs on the front panel and the outputs are tucked around at the rear out of you where they should be. So, up front you get the connections for your two input channels, with combination XLR/TRS connectors on both, with switching between Line and Mic level available with two separate switches next to the inputs. A headphone output is also added to the front panel for an easy monitoring option. This is further brought to the attention of the user by the larger than life monitor control knob that adorns the front facia for easy volume adjustment when listening through monitor speakers.



So, aside from a general facelift and a new chassis to house the goods, what is it that M-Audio are really bringing to the party on this new release of a popular interface? The answer is in the numbers. Look behind the scenes, past the knobs and switches and take into consideration the inner workings of the M-Track Plus MKII, and you’ll see why this represents such great value for money. Now this two channel USB audio interface offers 24-bit/96 kHz audio recording and places it up there or ahead of other units on the market in this price range. If you want quality audio recording at this price point, M-Audio have gone out of their way to give you an option that is well worth considering. With a standard array of inputs and outputs, and great digital conversion for the price, this is one audio interface you should consider when looking for a compact, well-priced solution for two channel audio recording at home or on the go.


For more information visit www.proaudiogroup.com.au