Apogee Electronics Duet-iOS and Waves Silver Bundle

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Apogee Electronics Duet-iOS and Waves Silver Bundle

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I think one of the things that attracts many people to the Duet in the first place is the sleek design of the unit. It’s compact build has a no-fuss feel to it with a simple desktop unit that only sports one large knob in the top and appears to offer very little else. This simplicity in design certainly gets your attention, but at a closer look, you find there is a lot more going on with the unit. The majority of the connections work through breakout cable that runs from the rear of the unit. Connectivity to your device is run through USB as is MIDI data and analogue inputs and outputs are fed from a breakout cable. The only actual dedicated analogue audio connection on the unit is found in the form of a 6.5mm headphone output on the front. Aside from that, it all looks pretty clean.



As many Mac users will already attest, this Duet has been a serious device for many years now when only a couple of inputs have been required in a recording setup. Now, this new Duet-iOS allows you more freedom and the ability to record in more locations as it can operate with both iPhones and iPads. When used with these devices, you can actually charge your iOS device from the Duet as the power supplied feeds through the bus to keep your device up and running when in use. This now sets a new standard in audio recording quality on an iPhone or iPad and in no uncertain terms blows the competition out of the water. The quality of the preamps and digital converters found in the Duet are exceptional and allow for studio quality audio recording onto a mobile phone, which is pretty outrageous when you consider it wasn’t long ago that your phone didn’t even support WAV audio files.


Shipping with the Waves Silver Bundle plugin package for a range of mixing tools, you are all set to get you next project up and running with the Duet-iOS and you can now use just about any Apple device to put down ideas and record takes at any stage in the creative process.


For more information visit www.sounddistribution.com.au