SVS PB-3000 Subwoofer

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SVS PB-3000 Subwoofer

The PB-3000 arrived safely in a well-packaged box and included a power cable, optional speaker grill and manual. The speaker ports were filled with foam rollers to keep them clear in transport, and pulling away all the packaging revealed a classy, elegant sub. A dark wood stain covers the speaker enclosure and bevelled edges make for a sophisticated looking piece of audio equipment. The dark stain keeps the sub inconspicuous which is important for such a sizeable speaker, coming in at 557mm H X 465mm W X 660mm D. Whether situated in your lounge or a home studio or professional space, this speaker will look the part. The EQ and phase options make this a great reference monitor for mixing, as you can easily shift the low-pass filter to wherever your main monitors stop reproducing sound. The volume can easily be cranked for fine tuning bass in your mixes or checking masters, then dialled back via Bluetooth.


The back panel of the SVS PB-3000 offers RCA inputs and outputs, as well as a USB space to be used with the SVS Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter for connection to an existing system, or through Bluetooth via the SVS app as well. Multiple options make the PB-3000 a great option for a system of any age or level of technology. The back panel of the PB-3000 features a low pass filter that can be set at anything between 30Hz and 140Hz, so you can really air the low end rumble or potentially problematic areas in mastering, especially for vinyl. This sub reproduces frequencies that are not usually reproduced on reference monitors, depending where the crossover is in your speaker setup. There’s a volume control with a nice gradual increase, but the speaker retains focus even at lower volumes, and the phase can be set anywhere between 0° and 180° for maximum bass and minimum phase cancellation. The sub can be situated where convenient and easily tweaked so it still sounds perfect.


SVS has produced a subwoofer worthy of studios of any level, or home listening experiences looking to be bought to the next level. Intuitive design, handy and practical controls make for a product that can be specifically dialled in for any room and any set-up. A handy remote app allows you to set-and-forget, but also tweak-when-you-need-to to ensure the sub serves every purpose you’ll ever need it to. The low end response is clear at any volume, so it doesn’t need to be cranked when fine tuning the endless fight between kick drums and bass in a mix. Alternatively, you can still feel the rumble of film sound as you watch at an acceptable level at home. A myriad of connection options ensure it can be incorporated and connected to any set-up, which really makes the SVS SB-3000 a no brainer.