Reviewed: KRK ROKIT G4 Studio Monitors

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Reviewed: KRK ROKIT G4 Studio Monitors

The G4 series of KRK Rokits are the latest incarnation of these speakers. Physically, they’re modelled slightly more towards the more famous Expose E8 speakers, but the sound and response remains mostly the same. These are great speakers for working with readymade sounds or blowing away clients, but not so much for sculpting or analysing recorded audio of potentially problematic recorded acoustic instruments.


Similar to the G3 series of Rokits, the new KRK G4 Series have great bottom end response thanks to the bass port beneath the woofer of varying sizes throughout the series. They’re powered, and boast a frequency response from 43Hz up to 43kHz, with new DSP powered room EQ on the back. KRK have done away with pots to attenuate or boost frequencies to tune speakers to your room, and now the back panel of the speaker features a visual LCD to tweak the 6-band EQ for maximum options. Both the woofer and tweeter are now made of matching Kevlar, for a less fatiguing listening experience and maximum clarity. The Rokit G4 Series spans from the smallest in the Rokit 5 up to the Rocket 10-3, which features an extra 3-inch driver.



In use, the new series of Rokits sound great. They are pleasing to the ear – however, that’s not what I want monitors for. I want to hear the issues and problem areas in the rock and metal that I record, and the Rokits aren’t great at showing me that. What they do, however, is provide unmatched bottom end response for a speaker of their size and budget. For a producer working with already made sounds, samples and synths, they provide a crisp and rich listening experience that inspires and feels good off the bat. When working and producing with a client, you want your sounds to sound good from the get-go, and with premade sounds there’s usually not much need for deep diving into problem areas and attenuating issues in sounds or problems that were missed while recording. This new generation of KRKs have a market and boy-oh-boy do they fit it. This new series looks a bit more professional, with a more squared off finish, and less dynamic visual difference between the black enclosure and iconic yellow cones. The G4 Series are still Rokits, but they’re more professional.


Overall, the G4 Series of Rokit speakers from KRK are a great speaker, if they’re the kind of speaker you’re after. They won’t show you every detail and leave your mid-range or top end exposed, but they will make your tracks sound great from the start. They’re not a complete monitoring solution, but they can definitely be a main monitor solution for someone producing and mixing on a budget. These look, feel and sound more like a professional speaker, whereas previous incarnations had begun to feel budget. The Rokits are moving up in the world – don’t let them pass you by.