Zoom G5n Multi-Effect Processor

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Zoom G5n Multi-Effect Processor



One thing that I love about this board, which has so much on offer, is the way in which it operates both like a multi-effects board and at the same time behaves like a selection of individual stomp boxes. The lower section of the top panel has five buttons to help you navigate through patches, set up the temp or engage the tuner. You do need a pointy toe on your boot to engage these easily, no problem for me there, as they are tucked in, out of the way for the other operations. Above these are the four stompbox sections that allow you to have your choice of the 68 models loaded up for instant recall. It’s like having all the great pedals you always wanted and you can recall a patch with your choice of pedals appearing right beneath your foot.



I’m not usually a fan of larger multi-effects boards, preferring the flexibility of individual effects. Well, this is what the G5n offers you with four separate parameters that 
can be adjusted with each effect brought up on the four separate stompboxes. With each different effect, you get 
a different set of parameters, most appropriate to that effect. So, you can sculpt the tone you are after from each of these models and store them as part of a larger collection for recall any time. Ten great amp models allow you to run this unit straight into a PA, 
or you can simply use it as
 an effects board in line with your own amp for an unlimited range of possible tones to keep you tapping your feet across the board. 


For more details on Zoom products, head to dynamicmusic.com.au.