Reviewed: Mooer Black Truck

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Reviewed: Mooer Black Truck


Effect: Multi-Effects

Expect To Pay: $599

Distributor: Jade Australia



Recommended For:

Hard rock and metal players looking for a compact and affordable do-it-all solution to their pedalboard woes, particularly those who are a little genre agnostic.



A one word review would be simply that – versatile. Featuring a ridiculously large amount of effects – compressor, overdrive, distortion (with noise gate), EQ, modulation and delay/reverb, chromatic tuner, FX loop and looper switcher – The Black Truck is an exceptional expansion on last year’s Red Truck. The reverb-delay and phaser effects are uniformly excellent.



The Black Truck is all about immediate functionality. All effects are simply engaged with straightforward volume, tone, level feedback, etc. knob caveats. All effects could be combined infinitely, with plenty of fun to be had playing with tap tempo and a long delay period. The inclusion of EQ, although gratuitous, makes sense in order to bolster the control Mooer is offering.



The Black Truck trumps the hulking size of the floor pod ten times over, and certainly that of a mess of patch cables on a pedalboard, packed tightly into a fairly compact black casing and coming with a simple zip-up carry case.



Man, this thing is a riot. It’s hard to fault the dizzying functionality of the Black Truck, though it also inevitably heightens the perennial conundrum haunting multi-effects pedals – is the analogue sacrifice worth it? Mooer might have offered the most compelling tug to the former yet.