Mixdown’s Picks: Zoom G11

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Mixdown’s Picks: Zoom G11

This time around, we’re dissecting the huge range of essential effects out there for stage and studio, exploring everything from rugged multi-effects units through to boutique overdrives and vocal plug-ins. 


Zoom G11 Multi-Effects Processor 

Key Features: With an already solid presence in the multi effects world, Zoom’s new flagship multi-effects processor the G11 offers all the processing power one could ever need on stage or in the studio. A well laid out, user friendly design, sporting pro-level effects, sophisticated IR (impulse response), lightening fast functionality, audio interfacing and more. 


Firstly, the beautifully colourful 5” touch screen has to be mentioned. Its clearly laid-out design, razor sharp detail and easy navigation instantly warrants a sigh of relief, especially for a multi effect board. As for the parts that will be stomped on, again, are intuitively laid out, with individual LED screens for each of the five stop switches, with a perfect amount of info on screen, plus knobs underneath to tweak effect parameters on the fly, saving from dreaded menu diving mid-set.


The six footswitches underneath the stomp box switches are intuitively laid out and allow for quick scrolling between effects, banks, patches, tuner, looper and tap tempo. The dedicated amplifier section of the G11 gets another thumbs up, keeping it out of the way of the effects stomp boxes and with dedicated knobs for gain, bass, middle, treble, presence and volume allow for precise dialling in of an amp tone. The expression pedal does what it should and is positioned nicely at the right side of the board. 


Nine effects can be chained together simultaneously, plus an amp emulation, which is plenty, even for most self proclaimed shoegazers. The G11 is also IR equipped with 70 preloaded impulse response emulations plus space for a further 130 user patches. Patches can be imported via USB or through the (optional) BTA-1 Bluetooth adaptor when connected to the Zoom Guitar Lab, for downloading amps, effects and artist patches. 


To top things off the G11 sports a five minute looper for practice, laying down ideas or compositions and also includes 68 built-in rhythms of varying styles and time signatures, ideal for practice.


Mixdown Says: Striking a finely tuned balance of technology under the hood and hands on practicality, the Zoom G11 is sophisticated in both tone sculpting, signal chain mangling and foot stomping, knob twisting expression. The quality of effects, amp and cab emulations speak for themselves, with Zoom taking things a step further with some rather unique algorithms, especially that on the modulation side of the effect chain. With all this quality processing under the hood and an intuitive physical design, it’s no surprise the G11 is quickly becoming a go to multi effects processor for numerous pro guitarists. 


Overall: A great all-in-one multi effects processor with quality effects, IR, looper, multiple rhythm patterns and a plethora of connectivity. Zoom’s flagship G11 is a must have for any pro guitarist for stage or studio. 



Find out more about the Zoom G11 via Dynamic Music.