Mixdown’s Picks: Smart Acoustic Transporta Series

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Mixdown’s Picks: Smart Acoustic Transporta Series

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Australis Music | Expect to pay: $1,199 - 1,399

The world of audio and musical equipment can be a tricky one to navigate at the best of times. With so many different products, conflicting opinions and confusing reviews, it’s hard to know what’s actually the best product for your needs.

Luckily, the team at Mixdown have put in the legwork for you, sifting through the spec-sheets and putting the products through their paces to bring you Mixdown’s Picks – a new series of expansive, category defining product guides across our digital channels. Anything that has made the cut has rated highly across the board with the Mixdown staff, garnering a unanimous tick of approval from our staunch critics.

As we all know, this upcoming holiday period is sure to be remembered as the summer where portable PA reigned supreme in backgrounds around the country, and it’s with this in mind that we are proud to present Mixdown’s Picks: Portable PA’s, showcasing all the best small scale PA, monitoring and portable sound reinforcement solutions on the market today.

Smart Acoustic Transporta Series

Key Features: There’s a certain set of “standardized” features one comes to expect from an all-in-one portable PA system. There’s also some more “luxury” features, but these can be few and far between. Few available systems can boast all the bells and whistles, but the Smart Acoustic Transporta range of compact PA speakers certainly tick the boxes, in all the right places. 

Upon first inspection, the Transporta range immediately looks the part with its solid, ergonomic design, and although it may seem trivial to mention, the top handle and in built wheels just scream transportability and convenience; exactly what one comes to expect in a system such as this. 

The range is broken down nicely being offered in two sizes, a 10” model for those needing a smaller rig and a 12” model, ideal for those requiring some extra grunt. Both models feature very respectable frequency ranges and SPL performance, with the 10” offering a frequency range of 60Hz – 20kHz, pushing out 118dB SPL, whilst the 12” offers 55Hz – 20kHz and 121dB SPL. 

Connectivity is plentiful with a balanced XLR/TRS combo jack, two 1/4″ unbalanced TS jacks and another L/R unbalanced TS connection. Stereo 3.5mm input jack is also available, as well as USB (MP3) and Bluetooth connectivity. The standard reverb and two band EQ allow for some sculpting and tasteful vibe. 

Mixdown Says: Aside from aforementioned features, where things get really exciting for the Transporta Series is the two included wireless microphone receivers and handheld microphone transmitters. A particularly welcomed “luxury” feature to be included as standard – most other systems only come with a single mic – a blessing for celebrants and performers alike. For those that may have twigged to being conscious of the limited UHF frequency range available in Australia need not worry. The range is split in half with V1 sitting in top end of the UHF band range of 655Hz – 679HZ, whilst V2 is at the other end, 520Hz – 542Hz, making location based decisions and operation easy. 

To cap things off, the Transporta range can be powered both by mains power or the included batteries for ultimate transportable usability. The power rating here is equally as impressive as the rest of the specs, with the 10” model boasting 150W RMS of power (mains) and 80W RMS (battery), and the 12” model 250W RMS (mains) and 150W RMS (battery).

Overall: A thoroughly thought out, well designed all-in-one compact PA system. With the included wireless microphones for easy plug and play operation paired with the ability to power via mains or the built in batteries, The Smart Acoustic Transporta range offers all the right professional features in a solid compact package. With 10” and 12” versions available in two distinct UHF frequency ranges make this series incredibly versatile and able to be used in a wide range of locations.

Find out more via Australis Music Group.