PGA58_LR online.jpg


What first caught my attention when taking this microphone from the packaging is that it no longer shares the same colour scheme as the SM58, like the previous PG58 model did. The new PGA series comes with an all black look that separates the two for ease of distinction in setup. The black handle and black grill come with a tough new look, but they also deliver a tough build to back up that look. Like always, when I get a new microphone in my hands I can’t help but instantly unscrew it to see what is going on inside. The capsule itself is very well supported with the magnets below freely flexing on their rubber mounts, ensuring that handling noise is kept to an absolute minimum. Other than that, there wasn’t too much to report from inside the beast. It was all pretty clean and well assembled, which is nice to know.



What you need to understand when working with this microphone, is that although it’s based on an SM58, it isn’t an SM58. It just doesn’t have the depth of character to it that an SM58 has, but at the same time, it also doesn’t carry the price tag. This makes it a well built, ideal solution for someone on a budget. If you want your voice to have ‘that’ sound, then you really need to get ‘that’ microphone. But if you want reliability and clarity in your vocals at a fraction of the price, then the PGA58 is going to win you over pretty easily.