Sennheiser E906 Guitar Microphone

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Sennheiser E906 Guitar Microphone



There are plenty of microphones that get used in front of speaker cabinets in venues all around the country, and most of them are generally not suited for the task at hand. Once you have your tone, you want to deliver it to the audience with all the integ- rity it deserves. The e906 form Sennheiser has been specifically designed to capture tones from guitar amps and get the most of what you have invested so much into. Like its budget versions in the 600 series, this is a side address microphone with a spe- cially designed capsule to suit the pounding it will receive right up close to a guitar speaker. With a higher gain structure than the 600 series models, this microphone has a better signal to noise ratio and isn’t likely to cause unwanted feedback in a hurry. Plus, it is voiced perfectly for guitar speakers, giving you everything that your cabinet of- fers and allowing you to further sculpt the sound with extended frequency response in both the high and low regions.



What I love about this micro- phone is how everything about is it meant for a guitarist on stage. It can handle high SPLs, and on a small crowded stage when an extra microphone stand just won’t fit. You can always hang it from behind the amp and it will still effectively capture your sound. It is ideal for the studio too with added headroom that allows you to sculpt the EQ further and get even more form your guitar tone. Put simply, this is something that every guitar player should own once they have bought their amp.