Shure PSM300 Stereo Personal Monitor System

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Shure PSM300 Stereo Personal Monitor System

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At the heart of the PSM300 is the P3T transmitter which takes the audio form your mixer’s auxiliary send and converts it into digital audio to transmit to the one or many receivers set to the same frequency and channel. This means, everyone on stage can have a receiver and hear the monitor send coming through the P3T if they wanted to. You can simply add additional receivers to your system and match up the channels to all operate together. The great thing is that the P3T converts the audio to a digital signal before transmission with high end A/D converters so nothing is lost in transmission. What you hear at the other end is just what you would hear if you listened direct from the desk.


Shure have seen the need for two different receivers to match up with this system so that you can access personal monitoring on just about any budget. The lower price point comes with the P3R receiver that is housed in a plastic casing. This is also a slightly larger belt pack and operates only on AA batteries for power. If you are serious about quality, then the next step up is the system that features the P3RA transmitter. This is a metal casing with a smaller frame that is less obtrusive when worn. It is a rechargeable power cell system, but is also able to operate on AA batteries if your power runs out. Both come standard with Shure’s SE215 ear buds that deliver a clear and crisp sound from the receivers. Each receiver allows you to easily adjust the stereo spread to suit your needs. You can pan the signal right across to one side if you only want to use one ear bud and not miss any of the sound in the stereo mix. This means that you now have the ability to hear everything you want within your in ear monitoring system and pan it to how you want when you are up on stage.


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