Reviewed: TC Electronic Flashback 2 Mini

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Reviewed: TC Electronic Flashback 2 Mini

Now with three knobs, compared to the previous incarnations single-knob functionality, the Flashback 2 Mini is remarkably customisable considering it’s minimalist layout. The sound of the Flashback II is characterised by its warm tape delay, which ranges from a short slapback to an open 800ms echo. It’s in mono, so there’s no ping-pong to be found here, but the sound quality is more than pleasant on the ear.


Looks can be deceiving, and you might think these tiny pedals lack functionality but using the TonePrint app, you can beam literally any preset available to the pedal through your guitar or via a micro USB connection. If that isn’t enough for you, you have the ability to customise and create your own TonePrints using the program for PC and Mac. Neat, huh?


With the TonePrint app, you can start with one of their 30 odd algorithms and alter them in any way you see fit, or alternatively you can create your own! It’s really easy to hear the changes you are making as the parameters on each pedal changes instantly with every subtle or not so subtle alteration.


Also included in these small pedals are the award-winning TC Electronic MASH footswitches, which are pressure sensitive and change up to three parameters that you choose via TonePrint. This feature adds an extra level of control and depth to their quality sounds. I had a lot of fun during testing tweaking and altering the MASH to change different parameters to match my aesthetic and overall timbre.



On the Flashback 2 Mini, you can swap out the true bypass control with a tap tempo which is amazing for staying in time with your band or matching the changing tempo of your live set. Both pedals ship with true bypass but also offer an option to use buffered bypass which allows the effect to continue once you hit the stompbox off. Great for letting that long delay feedback ring out while still playing over the top.


The control knobs on the Flashback 2 Mini are Feedback, Delay and Level, compared to its predecessor which only featured one. These extra two knobs make each respective pedal shine and make me question the need for the larger pedals as you could set up your tuner after each pedal to mute between songs at a show, and quickly beam a new preset to each of them. In addition to this, you can assign two other parameters to be controlled in conjunction with each knob.


The only setback, in my opinion, is that most presets don’t offer a 100% wet sound when the level knob is full. You could set the pedals to only output wet or use the TonePrint App to alter them but for my applications and ease of use, I would like to see them implement this.


That being said, with the TonePrint app there are almost endless options and presets available for these pedals making them a versatile and convenient choice for your pedalboard or studio setup. It’s a worthy sequel to the original, and a surefire hit in my books.