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A white casing, input and output jacks, 9v input, on/off switch, level control and a status LED make up the Mooer ‘Micro Looper’. Simplicity is key here with the on/off switch getting you started and the level knob controlling the output level of the loop. Hit the footswitch and you’re recording (indicated by a bright red LED), hit the button again to finish and the Micro Looper goes straight into playback mode, highlighted by the LED changing to blue. Super easy to get happening be it a chord progression, single lick or percussive noise – and the big kicker here is the massive 30 minutes of recording time! This gives you the ability to loop massive sections or intricate parts which means you can record the whole form of a song for example and then play it back and improvise over the top. From there your loopy goodness can access Undo, Redo, Stop/Start playback and Delete, making good use of multi functions with just the single stomp switch.




Size wise the Micro Looper is going to win a few friends. And whilst there are other similar sized pedals on the market, the 30 minutes recording time and unlimited overdubbing stretches the possibilities quite considerably. Whilst more complex pedals with added functionality and foot control options will suit some, it’s great to see companies such as Mooer also see the use for more straight ahead units that are intuitive and still user friendly. With a looper this size and price it’s an easy option to slot into a board (even if real estate is tight) for some extra vibes when needed, or just throw it in your gig bag to grab when inspiration calls.




From simple licks to dense layered soundscapes, loopers have become a seriously useful tool for guitarists in both solo and band settings. With an acoustic guitar you can setup up percussive loops, play bass lines and licks to accompany chords and arpeggios, while band settings can let you loop improvised parts on the fl y to build layers or call on for stabs and motifs. 30 minutes of record time and unlimited overdubs means the Micro Looper is powerful and easy to use, great for a range of sounds, styles and players.