Lovepedal DL 1 Delay Pedal

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Lovepedal DL 1 Delay Pedal



Lovepedal seems to be always keeping things on the move with new releases, reworks of old designs and limited edition runs. In a silver casing the DL 1 Digital Delay features side mounted input/output jacks and controls for mix, delay, feedback, fidelity, as well as modulation.



Delay and feedback are your usual suspects ramping up the delay time and the number of repeats it produces. The mix control then lets you blend the effect with your dry tone allowing ever so slight nuances through to the big and bombastic. Juicy and squishy, the fidelity knob acts like a type of tone control for the repeats, giving you clean and bright, or warm and rolled off with the knob at its minimum setting. This is very cool for those pseudo filtered guitar-synthy tones, and a handy trick for adding delay. It’s kept it out of the way since the repeats don’t just sound like your existing tone when you keep playing through the wash. Then with the modulation setting on you’re heading to Police territory and beyond. That extra sense of chorusing in the repeats makes for some cool rolling boat almost sea sick vibes. Obviously you can then tweak anywhere in between the DL 1’s palette to suit the application you need.



Lovepedal really does put out some cool stuff. They do however have a habit of putting out limited runs, so if you get onto a good thing I’d suggest you grab it as it may not be around forever. Sean Michael intended for the DL 1 to be a plug in ‘easy to use’ delay pedal and I reckon he’s hit the nail on the head. Some people run for cover when they see the words ‘Digital’ and ‘Delay’ paired together, but the DL 1 can do warm and juicy really well through to more polished hi-tones.