Keeley Electronics The Dark Side Effects Pedal

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Keeley Electronics The Dark Side Effects Pedal

Keeley Dark Side.jpg


Keeley describes the “individual pieces 
that make up the Dark Side Workstation” 
as Fuzz, Delay and Modulation. More specifically the Dark Side has ‘Epic Big’ Fuzz, Multi Head Tape Delay, Rotary/Flanger and UniVibe/Phaser effects onboard. For stomping, there are on/off effect switches for the Fuzz and Modulation sides of the pedal, which effectively gives you the option of two sounds available at any one time. You’ll have to manually flick the modulation three-way switch if you want to change between the Mod and Delay types though. Keeley’s extra functionality comes from the Expression Pedal, which can be set so you can control Rate or Feedback on the Delay or Rotary/Vibe settings. You can also add more effects to the chain between the Fuzz and Delay thanks to the insert jack.


The Blend knob also has multiple functions depending on which modulation mode the pedal is in, and can control the blend of Mod effects or select one of the twelve Tape Head Delay modes. Muchos effecto controllo! With a typical 9V DC power tap, the DS is pedalboard friendly too.


A quick run-through of some of the settings is in order me thinks. Rotary can go from chimey sparkle to more dense tones,
 with the Flange going from slight swirl to bigger swoosh. Phaser is great; chewy and lush, it’ll add some flavour to muted single note lines or give you soggy open chords. UniVibe is great for rock or blues, and the Rate and Depth controls really
 let you dial in your tones. The Expression pedal manipulation is an added bonus if you’re feeling Hendrix inspired. With twelve settings, the Multi Head Delay does a great job of sounding warm and squishy. There’s subtle fattening sounds or bigger delays, through to huge ambient soundscape-type tones, and you can get vintage freak out sounds when you spin the Feedback control whilst in use. Overall, the Delay and Modulation effects seem very tasteful and usable. Then you have the Fuzz side of the pedal to combine with for even more options. The Flat, Full or Scoop toggle handles the midrange, giving you a wider EQ scope, and can be handy for filling out or tightening your sounds. I was really impressed with how much the Fuzz can clean up with less attack or rolling back the volume, but you can also pump the level and really zap out with thick fuzz too if that’s your thing.


If you dig David Gilmour then this is damn cool. If you want some psych-ish, ambient, lush warmth check it out. If you need a pedal that covers a few effects in one unit – boom. Yes there’s a Pink Floyd theme and reference present in the Dark Side, but it’s more than just a pedal for those wanting to recreate some PF tones. 


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