Bogner Harlow Boost Pedal

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Bogner Harlow Boost Pedal

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Give Me A Boost

Playing with the Level and Tone controls you can have clean and pristine for adding level to your existing sound. Push on more and you can drive the front end of your amp for thicker breakup and beyond. It also works well in com- bination with your guitar volume pot allowing you to leave the pedal on and then work your guitar for cleaner tones at lower settings and then pumping it when you want some extra grit.


Squeeze Me

Classified as a ‘boost’ pedal, the Harlow has an interesting addition with its ‘Bloom’ control. Essentially a single knob compressor, the ‘Bloom’ feature can add some subtle punch and focus or get super squishy if you want that noticeably effected tone. It’s tasty with single coils when you want a funky rhythm line accentuated or to smooth out your lead sound when used as a solo boost. 


Harlow Can You Go

Simple and classy, the Harlow looks cool and sounds super. I find a boost pedal to be one of the most useful to have on your board or in your gig bag, as it can be anything from a straight ahead volume boost to an additional tone shaper if you’re not happy with your amp sound. I really dig the sound of the ‘Bloom’ on the pedal, and whilst I wouldn’t always have it on for my boosted sounds it’s a great addition that really works well.