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20”/22” Kerope Mediums

Modelled directly off the hugely popular (and still fresh) Kerope line, Zildjian are supplying the 20” and 22” cymbals as ‘medium’ weights. Featuring the same raw look, the new Keropes have the same flatter type bells which, whilst not really pronounced or particularly loud, have an integrated sound that works when struck accurately. The new cymbals are louder and very balanced with an extremely musical wash, great stick definition and a simply gorgeous crash sound. These are killer cymbals for players wanting versatility in a cymbal.


7.5” Zil-Bell Volcano Cup

The new Volcano Cup Zil-Bell gives you the same great bell effect sound as a regular Zil-Bell but the unique cup shape actually allows for a clearer playing surface and the ability to play the bell like a regular cymbal. You can use ride type patterns for example. I was able to approach the cymbal in a much less ‘one dimensional’ way.


20” Constantinople Renaissance Ride

The new Renaissance ride is very thin, with some classic trademark Constantinople hammerings and scorings. It features a super light wash with a very accurate and delicate stick definition, making it perfect for Jazz. The bell however, is near flat, basically not there and probably designed to be an even shorter wash type sound in actual practice. It still sounds good but doesn’t stand out at all. The crash sound is a different story though. Loud, slightly trashy and incredibly sensitive to the touch, the crash sound alone will be enough to sell some players.


10”/12” FX Spiral Stackers

The new spiral stackers are a great new thing that can be used in different ways. The cymbals themselves are ultra-thin and light in weight. Left hanging on their own, they spiral down and stretch out allowing for the player to almost treat them like vertical chimes. Alternatively, you can stack them on top of any other cymbal for a desired effect. They look awesome too, bouncing up and down as they’re played. The overall sound is incredibly trashy with a longer sustain than a China cymbal. The thinner construction allows for a huge range of dynamics. Be aware that if you want to hang them, you’ll need room! Regardless, the Spiral stackers offer yet another option for the ever-creative drummer and they sound great.


8”/10” Oriental China Trashes

It’s been a long time coming, but to answer the prayers of drummers who love the idea of smaller china cymbals Zildjian have provided the staple Oriental China Trash in 8” and 10” sizes. The two sizes have very distinct pitches and the 10” is significantly louder than the 8”, which behaves and sounds more ‘splash’ like. The 10” has a dirtier sound and is ultimately, more oriental. Both cymbals speak quickly with a musical tone and a short decay. These little babies would work well mounted on their own or stacked on other cymbals. They’re just cool.


21” K Custom Organic Ride

The new Organic ride features a wire brushed raw finish on top and a clean, un-lathed, brilliant finish underneath. Overall, it looks extraordinary. The sound is definitely dry but not completely lifeless. It’s a musical sound with just enough wash and lighter than expected too, which allows for a very useful and gorgeous crash sound. As a bonus, the Organic ride features a large and pronounced bell. It’s a welcomed thing being super clear and very loud. This alone makes this ride more versatile for a number of applications. In the studio or live, the Organic ride would cut it. It’s a nice thing.