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Keep It Cymbal

All Dream cymbals are hand made and hand hammered utilising copper, tin and other elements to cast a bronze disc. Aged and then heated and A relatively new cymbal company, Dream Cymbals and Gongs are made in the famed Wuhan region of China and managed and partnered in Canada. Their line of cymbals and gongs has started to make inroads into a market that’s been quite settled for some time, with a fairly established set of manufacturers. Now with a growing list of endorsing artists worldwide and some impressive business initiatives, Dream look to be a company on the up. forged with a hammer, they are carefully worked into a raw cymbal state ready for lathing,  nal hammering and polishing. It’s processes like these that really let you appreciate the skill and effort put into making a quality sounding cymbal.


Coming from the Bliss line of Cymbals, the 22” (aptly named) Gorilla is the second biggest cymbal of the lineup. It’s reasonably heavy, but the Gorilla is fundamentally warm and dark with some extra deep hammering in areas and a 5” bell. Intended as powerful yet articulate, there is nice clear definition for jazz and lighter sticking which then leads to a tasteful wash when laid into. Heavier players are also in luck with enough volume to cut and the bell adding plenty of scope for big choruses. I could see the Dream working well in many setups when a powerful and slightly darker ride is needed.

Tell Him He’s Dreaming…

One of Dream’s other attractive features is its price structure. Aiming to be competitive without sacrificing quality, Dream have built a number of lines of cymbals that offer a choice in varying tones and sounds. It’s a consistent product whilst retaining a logical and affordable price. This also means that a similar size cymbal (say a 16” crash) will be around the same price across most of their range, giving you options without having to weigh up price constraints.


Dream seem to be onto something with their cymbal designs, pricing and company policy. Affordable and musical, but not cheap, low end cymbals by any means. The Gorilla is a ride that could work in rock, jazz, funk and a heap of other settings that need some quick stick definition, a clear bell while retaining the ability to crash with some nice wash. Worth a look!