Khazan Bullet Series Cymbal Pack

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Khazan Bullet Series Cymbal Pack



Khazan Bullet cymbals are comprised of 62% copper and 38% zinc and are handmade 
in China using a very old cast process that dates back to 1100BC. The cymbals have a brilliant finish with lathing and specific hammerings on both sides, to result in that unique, slightly angry/trashy sounds that is Khazan. The Bullets are available in three pack configurations depending on your preference. The standard pack features 14” hi-hats, 16” crash and a 20” ride, which is what I got to try for this road test. An alternative pack features an 18” crash instead of the 16” and there’s even a budget pack with just the 14” hi-hats and an 18” crash. The great thing is that all packs come with a free 10” splash cymbal and a heavy-duty cymbal bag. This is so good for a student that’s getting their first lot of cymbals, as a bag is hardly the priority let alone a splash cymbal.



Across the board the sound is bright and cutting. The Bullets play like normal cymbals, 
but are really designed for drummers who hit harder. Their thicker construction means they’ll withstand a beating, but realistically at the price of ultimate musicality. The ride however, is very versatile with a nice wash and crash, and the bell isn’t too loud. The hats are crisp — a little ‘pingy’ perhaps — and don’t have a whole lot of sustain when open, but give 
a decent sound to blend with 
the snare and bass drum. The splash is short and more bell-like in tone but quite soft and definitely a contrast to the rest of the cymbals – definitely an effect. The crash is realistically the weakest cymbal in the pack, being very thick for longevity but not particularly musical as
 a result. That said, hitting it harder gives you the desired effect and really, you have to understand that Khazan have made these cymbals with the mindset that some players will definitely be harsher than others; so the thicker construction is necessary to give some real life to the cymbals. In terms of style, the rock drummer will be most
 at home, but the ever so slightly lighter weight of the ride cymbal means you have a more versatile cymbal that is musical and well thought out, with a good bell. It’s easily the stand out of the range for me – something you can ride or crash as necessary.



So, as we can understand, the Bullets are the budget range of an already extremely well priced cymbal brand, but the sound of these particular cymbals is still very good for the cash. As far 
as getting yourself set up in the game, these Bullets should be an option as they have a reasonably predictable sound straight away and longevity in their build. They present an excellent way to get cracking and actually get a decent sound – particularly the ride cymbal. Compared with other budget cymbal packs on the market, I think frankly, the Bullets are better than anything else at this price point. Ultimately, these cymbals won’t rock everyone’s world, but when you consider the price and the amount of cymbals you actually get, they’re a better option than what you’d get with most kits and, drummers starting out. 


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