Reviewed: NUX B-2 2.4 GHz Wireless System

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Reviewed: NUX B-2 2.4 GHz Wireless System

Enter the NUX B-2 2.4 GHz Wireless System, a pocket-sized, wallet-friendly, cable-free solution to ensure both peace of mind and enhanced signal stability for the live performer. Offering pristine digital 32-bit audio quality and a 48 kHz frequency response across four channels, the NUX B-2 allows you to hear your guitar or bass signal exactly as it would sound with a high-quality instrument cable, with the added benefit of strutting your stuff around stage like the rock god you are.


As opposed to cumbersome battery packs, the NUX B-2 Wireless System adopts a hyper convenient method of charging via micro USB, so even if you leave yours at home, it shouldn’t be hard to charge your transmitter or receiver in a zip via a standard USB cable if need be. Battery life lasts for over six hours of continuous playing, and when you’re not playing, the B-2 automatically enters Sleep Mode, extending its battery life by up to 20 hours – although if you want to get the most out of the unit, it’s probably a good idea to turn it off when you’re not playing.


Admittedly, I’ve never had much experience with wireless guitar systems. I remember my older brother owning a relatively cheap model throughout high school, which emitted weird high frequencies on regular occasions and was far too bulky to be considered useful. With this in mind, it was extremely satisfying plugging the NUX B-2 into my rig and being met with a pure guitar signal – no hiss, no hum, no shrill buzz. Operating in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz, the NUX B-2 extends far beyond the reaches of the range of any radio and TV signals. Whether you’re walking around the house aimlessly strumming chords or setting up onstage at a large scale festival, there’s absolutely no chance of signal interference from external sources when using the transmitter. With a full dynamic range of more than 110dB, none of the nuances of my pickups or amp voicing were lost by the wireless transmitter, even when I was testing the unit from the other side of the house (shout-out to my housemates for helping with that one).


One of the features I enjoyed the most about the NUX B-2 was the ergonomic design of the transmitter, with the jack boasting a swivel adjustment to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your picking technique. It even fits under Stratocaster-style tremolos, which is a big relief. Despite the convenience of the B-2’s clip-together storage function and minute size, I can’t help but worry that the plastic construction of the unit mightn’t be enough to withstand the tough treatment of many gigging musicians, and would highly recommend looking into a pouch or little case if you plan on bringing the B-2 to gigs. Overall though, I can’t find much to whinge about with the NUX B-2 Wireless System. If you’re looking for a compact wireless unit with pristine audio quality to use with all your instruments without selling off a limb, this one is a go.


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