Yamaha launch the SEQTRAK Portable Music Production Studio

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Yamaha launch the SEQTRAK Portable Music Production Studio

Words by Mixdown staff

Yamaha are in the business if helping you to capture your ideas as quickly as they come and turn them into original music that you can share with anyone.

The Yamaha SEQTRAK’s lightning-fast workflow puts you in the driver’s seat to create unique and engaging music, wherever life takes you.

Packed with drum and synth sounds plus an on-board sequencer, SEQTRAK is a great tool for experimenting with music creation and sound design. With an array of features packed into a compact, lightweight design. Yamaha’s SEQTRAK allows you to start producing whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

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Introduce unique textures to your music using SEQTRAK’s on-board sampler. Capture your own sounds effortlessly to the seven available sound slots. Shape and transform your samples with ease using built in effects. Say a phrase, tap a spoon or record your favourite pet – then customise to create polished tracks – all in high quality 441.kHz/16-bit format.

With its compact size, lightweight design, built-in speaker and microphone, as well as a rechargeable battery, you can take the SEQTRAK anywhere – from the couch to the studio to the stage. There is no need to worry about power outlets or tangled cables – simply create, perform, and share your music – anytime, anywhere.

Double your creative potential with two versatile sound engines. AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) boasts an impressive 128-note polyphony and specialises in authentic sounds like pianos, strings, and guitars, while the four-operator FM engine produces stunning synth pads, leads, FM electric pianos, and more. Additionally, the SEQTRAK includes powerful effects for a polished sound.


  • The SEQTRAK app on all platforms offers sound editing, expanded memory and performance visualisation features.
  • Bluetooth MIDI.
  • USB-C for charging internal battery and Audio/MIDI to devices.
  • Dedicated MIDI in/out via breakout cable.

Learn more at Yamaha.