Warm Audio announces the WA-MPX & WA-2MPX – authentic reproductions of the most revered tape-era tube microphone preamp

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Warm Audio announces the WA-MPX & WA-2MPX – authentic reproductions of the most revered tape-era tube microphone preamp

WA-MPX Warm Audio
words by mixdown staff

Introducing WA-MPX & WA-2MPX, delivering the pure tube warmth that helped define the signature sound of hit recordings during one of music’s most legendary eras, plus selectable tape saturation to achieve that iconic tape-era tone.

Warm Audio, the best-selling manufacturer of classic-inspired professional recording products, microphones, and guitar pedals, today announces the WA-MPX and WA-2MPX, single & dual-channel tube microphone preamps that authentically recreate the vintage tape machine tube preamp that started the birth of rock ‘n’ roll known for pure analog warmth, delivering an impressive 300v of raw power & 90dB of tube gain.

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During the golden-era of tape recording, this style of vintage tube preamp became the signature sound in the signal chain of hit recordings – a timeless sound that continues to be pursued by elite audio engineers today.  With premium components, true-to-original circuit design, and selectable tape saturation, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces all the analog tone of the original to bring vintage warmth & color to your sound. 

“With WA-MPX, we’re delivering an analog solution that achieves the sought-after tube tone from the very first tube preamp that pioneered reel-to-reel tape recording. The thing that excited us the most about recreating this legendary tube preamp is the raw power it delivers and the tonal versatility you get from having three tubes per-channel on tap,” said Bryce Young, founder and CEO of Warm Audio.

“We are especially excited because this is Warm Audio’s first tube preamp. It is built to deliver incredible range; going from clean analog gain to powerful tube saturation just like the legendary original. They just don’t make them like they used to, so we did.”

WA-MPX Warm Audio

To accurately deliver the original tube character, the WA-MPX is hand-assembled with three premium tubes per channel paired with custom-wound true-to-spec transformers made in partnership with CineMag, one of the industry’s most-respected component manufacturers. As a premium tube mic pre, WA-MPX delivers a wide range of analog tone; from clean volume with preserved clarity for quieter sources to richer distortion that can be driven harder as the tubes are pushed to saturation.

Additionally, the WA-MPX includes selectable Tape Saturation, adding natural compression, harmonic distortion, and focused tone filtering reminiscent of tape machines running at 15IPS. The 2kHz low-pass filter allows you to further shape and focus your tone, dialling in ultimate midrange warmth & punch, while the 80Hz hi-pass filter helps remove unwanted bass noise from unruly sources. Following the Warm Formula of true-to-original tone driven by premium components – all carefully hand-inspected at Warm Audio Headquarters in Austin, Texas- the WA-MPX delivers the true vintage analog tone that digital plugins just can’t achieve. 

The WA-MPX (RRP $1355 AU) and WA-2MPX (RRP $2490 AU) are available from authorised retailers worldwide.

About Warm Audio:

Warm Audio began in 2011 in founder Bryce Young’s garage upon the simple principle of building high-end recording products that were sonically equal to renowned products of the past, but to also make them affordable. Warm Audio is now an Inc 5000 company and industry-leading manufacturer of classic-inspired preamps, compressors, limiters, equalisers, microphones, guitar pedals, and more. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Warm Audio houses state-of-the-art recording facilities with two world-class recording studios where the team applies the “Warm Formula” of design to every product by ensuring that they deliver the very best in legendary sound at unprecedented value.

For more information, visit Warm Audio. For local enquiries, head to Studio Connections.