Warm Audio add TWO new pedals to their lineup

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Warm Audio add TWO new pedals to their lineup

Warm Audio ODD

Warm Audio’s burgeoning pedal lineup has grown again today, including the ODD op-amp overdrive based on a famous circuit that they’ve obsessively, compulsively reproduced with an accuracy that only Warm Audio can achieve.

The second pedal from Warm Audio is the Mutation Phasor II, an Electro-Optical Phase-Shifting Pedal with a stunning vintage aesthetic – sonics aside!

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Joining a growing list of Warm Audio drives and effects that we’re big fans of here at Mixdown, the Warm Audio ODD Drive is a hard-clipping overdrive with Volume, Tone and Drive controls. Amongst all that, the ODD features a UK/US toggled for particularly ‘chimey’ sounds or a tweed-based “edge of breakup” style tone respectively. The ODD is built from premium components like a TLO82CP Op-Amp, 2N7000 transistors as well as hand-selected capacitors and resistors. The “Drive” control controls the amount of clipping, having it dimed offering the uniquely squashed tone that made the original so famous.

The Mutation Phasor II is a vintage style phaser, reminiscent of the swirling, experimental phaser sounds of the 60s. Wired with classic RC4558P op-amps, vintage-sounding diodes, carbon resistors and film caps, the Mutation Phasor II also has a feedback control, sending feedback to the “wet” phase-shifting signal for an increasingly modulated sound.

The ODD joins Warm pedals like the Centavo and Warmdrive— what some would call the holy trinity of drive tones. The Mutation Phasor II nestles nicely between the Jet Phaser and Foxy Tone Box, the three pedals harnessing enough modulation to shift the Earth itself. Warm Audio’s dedication to taking classic designs and rebuilding them with original components, complete with modern additions and tech to elevate them for the modern day. The ODD and Mutation Phasor II are no different, bringing classic designs and aesthetic into the modern day, all the while at an increasingly accessible price.

For more info, visit Warm Audio.