Want to hear Genelec 8381A monitors in action?

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Want to hear Genelec 8381A monitors in action?

Words by Mixdown staff

Genelec is a company founded in 1978 by a couple of serious looking Finnish students, Topi Partanen and Ilpo Martikainen.

They came up with the idea of designing a fully active professional studio monitor for the professional sound engineer after initially being asked by a friend to design a speaker for his local Radio Broadcast facility in 1976.

Studio Connections Australia are hosting an Open Day for you to hear the Genelec speakers at:

JMC Academy

561 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007

Saturday 16th March – 11am-3pm

Studio Connections Australia

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The first production studio monitor model was the now highly praised S30. Since then, they have grown exponentially moving into larger and smaller variations of this Active speaker design. They have also recently moved into the home and lifestyle hifi market with the G Series speakers.

Over 39 years after the S30 monitoring products remain true to their original philosophy offering reliability, neutral sound reproduction, as well as the ability to adapt frequency response to the listening environment. Now in 2024, the Genelec 8381A monitors are leading the herd.

Genelec distributor Studio Connections is offering an open day for you to hear the 8381A monitoring system in action.

For local Genelec enquiries, visit Studio Connections Australia.