VOX MINI GO Earth Colour Series Amplifiers

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VOX MINI GO Earth Colour Series Amplifiers

Words by Mixdown staff

The VOX Mini GO amp series is back in a range of fresh, earthy, organic colors, inspiring users to venture outdoors and unleash their musical creativity on the GO.

VOX Amplification

Lightweight, compact and can be powered by a mobile battery! These amps offer powerful and realistic amp models, a vocoder for talking modulation effects, many effects, a mic input, AUX input, a headphone jack and a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from many genres… all as standard features.

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The new outdoor-themed colours offer fresh and organic tones, making them the perfect amp for both outdoor adventures and indoors jamming.

The legendary sound of VOX Amplification begins with Dick Denney, a young amplifier designer who began working for England’s JMI Corporation in 1957. Dick, a guitarist himself, had his finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving world of the electric guitar in the late 1950’s and worked tirelessly with the JMI staff to design an amplifier that could offer the volume and sustain that guitarists of the time were craving. The result of their work was introduced to the world in January of 1958. This amplifier, dubbed the AC1/15, marked the very first appearance of the VOX name on a guitar amplifier and thus began an institution that has thrived for nearly 60 years. Later shortened to the AC15, this amplifier quickly became the choice of London’s top guitarists, including Vic Flick who used an AC15 on his iconic recording of the “James Bond Theme”.

VOX Mini GO 3

Equipped with a 3W output and a 5-inch speaker, this is the most compact model with a high-quality built-in rhythm machine. It’s perfect for enjoying playing along with rhythms at home or casually taking it outdoors.

VOX Mini GO 10

With a 10W output and a 6.5-inch speaker, this model includes a power-select switch to adjust the amp’s output wattage and a looper function. The power-select switch, along with features like effects and the rhythm machine, allows for a versatile solo performance.

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