Vox hand-wired range expands!

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Vox hand-wired range expands!

Vox handwired
Words by Mixdown staff

Vox’s hand-wired series have been the most revered of their amps, besides the original vintage stuff, and 2024 sees the range expand with seven new options.

Working to discover the inner workings of the original, hugely successful amplifiers, the new Vox AC Series are available in classic black tolex with brown grilles. Power options range from AC4 through to AC30 hand-wired head and matching 212 cabinet. Different amps are available with either Celestion Alnico Blue or G12M Greenback speakers depending on your preference!

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The range extends from the AC4 right up to a AC30 hand-wired head and matching cabinet, the cabinet being available with Celestion Alnico Blue speakers. Other combo models in the range are available in either Standard or X configurations, with X denoting Celestion Alnico Blue speakers, and standard being equipped with Celestion G12M Greenback speakers.

Point-to-point, hand-wired amplifiers add an extra level of care in constructing them, with additional quality assurance as well as maintaining a stronger signal that doesn’t have to snake its way through a circuit board. Albeit adding only a little sprinkle of extra ‘tone’ for each connection, with hundreds of connections, the resulting sound is more refined. This yields a sound closer to the classic Vox tone heard on countless recordsl, a sound that shaped rock and roll as we know it.

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