Universal Audio launch into the pedal market with three new stompboxes

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Universal Audio launch into the pedal market with three new stompboxes

Words by Will Brewster

UAFX: coming soon to a board near you.

It goes without saying that Universal Audio’s reputation within the audio industry is second to none. Whether it’s one of their outboard compressors from the golden era of hardware through to their DSP-equipped audio interfaces of today, the company are giants within the pro audio sector, and today, they look to expand on their foothold with the launch of their first ever effects pedals.


  • The UAFX range marks Universal Audio’s first foray into the world of effects pedals.
  • The series comprises three effects: the Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station and Astra Modulation Machine.
  • Each unit features a powerful processing engine to emulate classic analogue effects from the past.

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Universal Audio UAFX

Drawing on 60 years of expertise within the realm of pro audio, the UAFX pedal range packs a powerful dual-processor engine to seamlessly switch between Live and Preset modes, making them suitable for tweakers and set-it-and-forget-it players alike.They also feature an analogue signal path and can be set for buffered or true bypass, while stereo inputs and outputs let each pedal play nicely with stereo amp setups.

Elsewhere, a USB-C plug is also located near the pedal’s jacks to let you recreate coveted tones using the UAFX Control Software, which is set to be released shortly according to UAD. Let’s check out each effect in greater detail.

UAFX Golden Reverberator

Offering sounds based on classic ’50s plate and ’60s guitar amplifier reverb circuits, the Golden Reverberator presents three crispy algorithms to soak your tone in dripping wet goodness. There’s the Spring ’65, which replicates the Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb, the EMT 140-voiced Plate 140 and Hall 224, which is modelled on the classic Lexicon 224, while controls for Decay, Pre Delay, Mix, Bass, Treble and Modulation let you shape the sound of the unit even further.

UAFX Starlight Echo Station

Similarly, the UAFX Starlight Echo Station also provides players with three unique algorithms, each based on a classic hardware delay from yesteryear. The Tape EP-III takes cues from the coveted Echoplex EP-3, while the Analog DMM emulates the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, with the third Precision mode offering pinpoint repeats to suit all your indie needs.

The Starlight Echo Station features controls for Delay, Feedback and Mix, as well as six subdivision modes and controls for Colour and Modulation.

UAFX Astra Modulation Machine

Finally, the Astra Modulation Machine packs a range of effects emulations to appeal to players who like things wonky, wobbly and weird. The pedal features three modes – Bucket Brigade Chorus, Flanger Doubler and Trem 65 – each of which tap into classic ’60s and ’70s modulated tones for that perfect dollop of warm, gooey warble.

The Astra Modulation Machine features controls for Speed, Depth, Intensity, Mode, Shape and Shade, with its secondary modes allowing you to play with effects like vibrato and doubling.

All-in-all, the UAFX range looks like a formidable entry into the pedal market for an undisputed icon in audio, and despite their eye-popping price-tags, we reckon they’ll be a hit with players.

Find out more about the UAFX range via Universal Audio. For domestic inquiries, get in touch with CMI Music & Audio.