Universal Audio, Glou-Glou + more: our top five gear releases of this week

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Universal Audio, Glou-Glou + more: our top five gear releases of this week

Words by Will Brewster

Plus new gear from Walrus Audio, Dean Guitars and PRS.

With so many brands to keep up to date with, it can be easy to lose track of all the latest equipment launched into the gear-sphere each week.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best product releases that you might’ve missed over the week, with this wrap-up featuring an exciting new release from Universal Audio, a looping innovation from Glou-Glou and big launches from Walrus Audio, Dean Guitars and PRS. Tuck in!

This week’s top picks:

  • Universal Audio API Vision Console Emulation
  • Glou-Glou Loupé Delay / Looper
  • Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger
  • Dean USA Leslie West Tattered N Torn Thoroughbred TBZ
  • PRS Archon

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Universal Audio API Vision Console Emulation

As part of a new update for their acclaimed LUNA DAW, Universal Audio have introduced the first-ever end-to-end analogue console emulation in the form of the API Vision Console Emulation Bundle.

This bundle essentially turns LUNA into a classic API analogue console, fusing emulations of the brand’s famous L Series preamp, EQs, compressors, gates, filters and summing circuits together to make for one of the most sophisticated digital recording tools available to the market today.

Universal Audio users can utilise the Apollo’s inbuilt DSP to experience low-latency tracking and analogue style saturation, with the developer also introducing a bunch of other API-style plugins (Preamp, Vision Channel Strips) for users to enjoy as well.

Glou-Glou Loupé Delay / Looper

The latest product from boutique wizards Glou-Glou combines a creative looper and delay with limitless horizons into one intuitive box. Dubbed the Loupé, the pedal packs 32 MB of RAM and 86 seconds of stereo recording time, with 24-bit audio resolution and two mic/line inputs to feed it an array of sound sources.

Five footswitches offer expansive control over Record, Overdub, Insert, Replace and Multiply, while four rotary encoders allow for Scroll, Decay, Dry/Loop and Game (preset) controls, with 50 factory and 49 user memory slots are available to store Games in. There’s also three screens to signify preset details and other graphic information, while a bunch of other LEDs and buttons can be used to navigate the unit.

The Delay function of the Loupé offers expansive control over Pitch, Reverse, Stutter, Drift, Auto-Follow, Redux and Pitch Modulation, while High Pass and Low Pass filters can be placed in the feedback loop as well. If you’re into wonky tape-based loop creation or Frippertronics guitar styles, this one might just be your bag – and it sounds absolutely killer. Hear Hainbach’s demonstration of it in action below.

Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger

Sharing a similar design to other acclaimed pedals such as the Julia Vibrato, the Walrus Audio Polychrome is a sophisticated analogue flanger that packs two unique voices into its colourful enclosure. Featuring controls for Feedback, Depth, Rate, Sweep and an intuitive D-F-V knob to blend between dry, flanger and vibrato signals, the Polychrome is an absolute beast of a unit, and is capable of churning out some incredibly whacky tones.

In addition to the five parameter knobs, the Polychrome also boasts two mini toggles to switch the Voice and Shape of the effect, letting you choose between more specific flanger tones and engage a random LFO mode to garner some truly whacked-out modulated tones.

Dean USA Leslie West Tattered N Torn Thoroughbred TBZ

A tribute to the late Mountain frontman Leslie West (a common source of inspiration for sample-based producers), the latest from Dean Guitars is a limited edition, relic’d LP-style guitar with a whole lot of charm and grunt.

Limited to 50 units worldwide – 15 of which are signed by West himself – the guitar boasts a mahogany body with a flame maple arched top and a C-shaped three-piece mahogany set neck, which is paired with a 22-fret 12″ ebony fretboard for a classic rock tone.

Other features include Grover 18:1 tuners, a hardtail Tune-O-Matic bridge, West’s signature Mountain of Tone and Nostalgia humbuckers in the bridge and neck and a volume and tone control with a three-way toggle switch. Each guitar also features a custom relic job from former Fender Custom Shop employee John Cruz, resulting in a highly unique instrument that’ll please Mountain fans and Dean collectors alike.

PRS Archon

Paul Reed Smith Guitars have revived the Archon amplifier range for another stint on the market, sharing details of two new 50 watt combos and heads today. Available as either a 1×12 combo or head with matching 1×12 or 2×12 cabinet, the two-channel amplifier features two JJ 6CA7 tubes in the power amp section and six JJ ECC83S preamp valves, creating what PRS claim to be “the best combination of EL34 and 6L6 tubes”.

Each of the Archon’s channels boasts controls for Master Volume, Bright and Volume in addition to a three-band EQ and global Presence and Depth knobs, with no less than five gain stages also being on offer to let players tap into a wide array of classic overdrive and high-gain tones.

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