Universal Audio announces new plug‑ins from AMS Neve & Manley Labs

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Universal Audio announces new plug‑ins from AMS Neve & Manley Labs

AMS DMX delay universal audio
Words by Eli Duxson

Adds AMS DMX Delay & Pitch Shifter, and Manley Tube Preamp plug‑ins to an already formidable line-up

Studio stalwarts Universal Audio (UAD) have announced their new UAD v9.15 software release, boasting some awesome new plug-ins from Manley Labs and the legendary AMS Neve, bringing authentic emulations of vintage and modern recording hardware to the Universal Audio library.

What you need to know:

  • Universal Audio’s latest update, featuring awesome digital emulations of studio classics like the AMS DMX Delay & Pitch Shifter, and Manley Tube Preamp plug‑ins.
  • The original AMS DMX Delay is one of the most coveted FX processors of all time, most often associated with Martin Hannett’s Joy Division work and Brian Eno’s ambient soundscapes.
  • The Manley Tube Preamp is a modern industry standard Manley, perfect for adding weight and pleasant front end gravitas to vocals, bass, and more.

Read all the latest product news here.

The AMS DMX Delay plug-in is a faithful emulation of the legendary AMS DMX 15‑80 S which, first  introduced, the world’s first microprocessor-controlled 15‑bit digital delay and pitch shifter first released in 1978.

Adding the DMX as an in-line insert is a perfect way to add that iconic spatial richness and depth, best heard on classic albums from Unknown Pleasures right through to Prince’s 80’s output.

Featuring two independent delay channels, just over six seconds of delay time, and “de‑glitched” pitch shifting, its signature ambience gave artists characterful doubling, delay, chorus, pitch shift, and ambient effects.

The plug-in is exclusive to Apollo and UAD hardware and brings the sound of this vintage digital AMS studio rack unit to the UAD library, with added features including Tempo Sync, Dual VCO mode, Dry/Wet Mix, and more.

You can also use it for automatic double tracking effects and arpeggio patterns on vocals, horns, and more.

The Manley Tube mic preamp is a go to for adding clarity and detail to your signal allowing you to record through the iconic Manley preamp in real time using Apollo audio interfaces.

Harnessing UAD’s Unison technology, this plug-in blurs the lines between analogue and digital, giving you all of the hardware’s impedance, gain staging “sweet spots”, and unique sonic DNA of the gold standard mic pre. 

The Manley Tube preamp plug‑in isn’t just for Apollo owners, UAD hardware owners can employ the Manley preamplifier plug‑in for mixing and tone shaping in their DAW of choice.

manley tube mic preamp

For more information on the AMS DMX delay or the Manley Tube mic preamp or to download, head to Universal Audio’s website.