Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison resurrected for holographic tour

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Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison resurrected for holographic tour

Starting Monday October 7, 2019, audiences across two simultaneous tours will be transported back in time for a collection of the dual icon’s greatest hits.


BASE Hologram’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Dreams Tour will kick off in both the UK and US, althought the latter’s dates are as of yet unconfirmed.


And for those who may be a little freaked out listening to two long-dead musicians rock the microphone, the space-time gig will feature a live band and back-up singers to complement those reincarnated in attendance.


To accompany the “cutting edge holographic performance,” remastered audio will boost the rock and roll pioneers’ voices who are said to have greatly influenced every band from Elvis to The Beatles.


Roy Orbison was laid to rest in 1988, but his deceased self has been busy, touring through the holographic In Dreams: Roy Orbison in 2018.


So, if Buddy Holly’s death in 1959 was marked as “the day that music died,” then would this be the day that music came back to life? Stay tuned to find out.


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