Tool’s Adam Jones teases signature Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst

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Tool’s Adam Jones teases signature Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst

Words by Will Brewster

The wait might just be over.

Released into the world as a limited edition, Custom Shop creation last year, Gibson’s Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Silverburst was widely hailed as one of the year’s most anticipated music gear releases, even if it did carry a price-tag equivalent to that of a small new car.

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Now, the Tool guitarist has spread speculation that a much more affordable, Epiphone-made variant of the signature guitar could be over the horizon, posting a video to his Instagram that depicts a very intriguing Adam Jones embossed Epiphone hard-case.

The post, which can be seen below, sees Jones perform a very-blurry Boomerang to the tune of some incredibly suspect music, showcasing both a Gibson Custom Shop case in addition to an Epiphone-branded hard-case bearing the script ‘Adam Jones 1979’, referring to the build date of his original Silverburst model.


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Considering how quickly last year’s limited run of Adam Jones Signature Les Paul guitars sold out – and that a number of guitars were stolen in one of the most elaborate instrument heists we’ve seen in a hot minute – it’s fair to say that there’s going to be a lot of Tool fans who are over the moon at the news of an affordable version of the guitar being a possibility.

Given the nature of high-profile signature collaborations like this, it’s probably fair to assume that an Epiphone Silverburst Les Paul Custom affiliated with Adam Jones will be released as a limited edition drop, and will still probably set you back a considerable amount of coin should you keen.

However, we all know how eager Tool fans are to get in on a bit of Adam Jones action, and there’s every chance that if an Epiphone version is released this year, it’s going to go absolutely gang-busters. Watch this space!

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