Tone Projects’ Kelvin is a class act dual-stage saturator

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Tone Projects’ Kelvin is a class act dual-stage saturator

(Source: Tone Projects)
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring passive pre and post EQ stages for tonal control.

Copenhagen based plugin designers Tone Projects have a focus on producing high-end audio gear that inspires and empowers artists to make great sounding music. This plugin is no exception, continuing on from their Unisum mastering compressor, the Kelvin Tone Shaper is a unique creative tool for use in mixing and mastering.

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Modelling eight different saturation circuits, the Kelvin Tone Shaper allows you to use two of these in series, hence dual-stage saturation. Each circuit offers a different tonal character, and by using them together, 64 different combinations of tone are available from just saturation choice alone.

You can drive each circuit individually which allows you, for instance, to push hard into their Dark Iron unit (based on and iron core transformer) and then push subtly into Hygge II (their single tube saturator) for nice effect.

Kelvin features push/pull equalisation over three bands with four styles of filters available. The standout here is the Pultec style EQ bands, which create colour as they emphasise below the selected frequency and dip just above.

Additionally, there is a Spread function which, as the name suggests, spreads the harmonic distortion across the stereo field. For a cleaner distortion, you can enable the De-Fuzz parameter which reduces the mid-high saturation and cleans up distortion artefacts.

On top of all this, soft clipping is at your disposal to tame the transient peaks of your audio. This can also be used creatively by pushing the output trim and adding a third layer of saturation/distortion. Once saturation has been applied to your liking, the mix control allows for blending the dry signal with the wet one.

This flexible and extremely functional plugin also has quality settings to allow for computers with less CPU space or use in a low latency environment. An option is available to utilise the highest quality setting when offline rendering so you know you’re getting the best output.

Tone Projects’ Kelvin Tone Shaper is available on Windows and Mac operating systems with VST, AU and AAX versions.

Check out its features and an overview below.

Kelvin Tone Shaper is available now through Tone Projects.