The RØDE Wireless PRO is available now!

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The RØDE Wireless PRO is available now!

RODE Wireless Pro
Words by Mixdown staff

After being launched a few weeks ago, with pre-orders available, the RØDE Wireless PRO system is now officially available.

RØDE are leading the way in the content creation space, the Wireless PRO builds on the stellar reputation of the Wireless GO, adding 32-bit float, timecode capabilities, 32GB internal storage as well as headphone monitoring onboard.

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The Wireless PRO system has a range of up to 260m, transmitting via 2.4GHz digital transmission with RØDE’s own proprietary near-zero latency codec. 32-bit float allows you to record safely with more freedom and flexibility in post, meaning you’ll have crystal clear audio of quiet sources as well as loud ones, all without risking distortion at one end, of a noise floor at the other, while also employing GainAssist to help you focus on the content and not your gain staging.

The RØDE Wireless PRO system also has all your timecode needs taken care of internally, so there’s no need for external systems to be sync’d. Produce professional quality audio and sync to video easily with the RØDE Wireless PRO. The size and portability of the system means you can easily hide lapel mics out of shot if needed, without a compromise in quality, while also being able to take them on the road easily. The lithium-ion battery will last up to seven hours.

For more info, visit RØDE here.