The newly re-issued PYE 4061S!

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The newly re-issued PYE 4061S!

PYE 4061S
Words by Mixdown staff

The PYE 4016S is a levelling amplifier, a device for controlling the perceived volume level of an audio signal in preparation for transferring the audio to disk or for transmission by radio or streaming.

Known as secret weapon compressors, PYE gear is now being reissued under the Alice name. The PYE 4061S is a dual channel analogue limiter/compressor designed for stereo effects compression, limiting and mastering level control.

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The early PYE compressors, the BBC type 4060, 4061 and others, were mono units using the principle of pulse width modulation. It was a ground breaking design setting a standard for the technology of the time. That technology worked well but had limitations in its noise performance. The new PYE compressor 4061S is also a ground breaking design, it is a re-application of Ted Fletcher’s earlier work on exciting opto compressors, combined with advantages provided by feed forward technology.

The re-issued PYE 4061S operates as a ‘feed forward’ compressor sensing the incoming signal and immediately sending a control signal to a gain-setting circuit near the output. The control signal circuitry sets the momentary compression ratio and the audio signal is instantly controlled by the control signal and the switchable attack time.

It’s a stereo compressor with both XLR and TRS inputs and outputs. The two sides share controls, with Input Gain and makeup Gain available at either end, and Stereo Width and Balance controls. It also features Attack and Release controls.

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