The HEDDphone Two from HEDD Audio

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The HEDDphone Two from HEDD Audio

HEDDphone Two
Words by Mixdown staff

The HEDDphone Two builds on the existing headphone offering from HEDD, adding new drivers, diaphragms and a patent-pending HEDDband for ultimate comfort and fit.

HEDD (Heinz Electrodynamic Design) are becoming a big player in pro audio, their monitors serving top engineers with clear, balanced and very flat monitors, all the while not being too exhausting on the ear for long periods of time. They produce monitors from smaller two-way speakers in the Type 05’s up to the flagship studio monitors the HEDD Mk2 Type 30, and their bigger arrays of Tower Mains of varying sizes and setups, coupled with HEDD subwoofers. At the smaller end of the scale, the range is expanding with HEDD’s new HEDDphone Two headphones.

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The HEDDphone Two has a carbon fibre headband for high strength and low weight, while the new Air Motion Transformer (AMT) promises to be more precise while also serving to reduce weight. Ergonomic additions add to the experience with the aforementioned HEDDband, smart strap system to adjust headphone shape and tension, while the forward facing connections preventing cables from getting wrapped awkwardly around you.

The HEDDphone two is designed to be more robust, more lightweight and ultimately better sounding for the creative on the go, for long-lasting, road-proof comfort and sound.

The HEDDphone two is available for pre order now. For more info, visit HEDD.